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''Alien'', Our World, new single

hello Ben!

is ''Alien'' the final track name of the song you posted on facebook some time ago, and will it be on the new album?

will Our World be on the new album and if yes, will there be yet another version or one of those on the single?

and lastly, will there be yet another single before the album release? say yes plz 🙂

Alien and Our world are def on the album, Alien hasn't been released yet, although it comes and goes in the Gran Tourismo game... One of my Fav tracks will be a single, hoping to finish all this week, then mastering in Paris then the clock kicks in on a 3 month countdown 🙂

one additional question - will you provide download of the album for those who pre-ordered, so they can listen to the album before it arrives? sometimes it could take 'ages'. Merv of Eat Static did this throught his bandcamp page with Last Ship To Paradise.

and it took about 20 days for Orbital 2017 London+Manchester CDs to arrive... i know it was xmas at the time, but i had also download of flac and mp3 of the shows, so it wasnt so painfully drastic. just asking, you know 🙂

I hope the new forum doesnt slow down
the release of the new album somehow. 😉

Dont get too addicted to this. X)

I don't see why not 🙂

nice thx 🙂