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Ask any production techniques or how to cook Caramelised bananas for pancakes


55g/2oz caster sugar
½ tsp vanilla essence
1-2 tbsp hot water
2 bananas, peeled and sliced
knob of butter

Haha, where is the like button again on these forums?
What about the bacon and the rest of the pancake?

Also, picture or it didn't happen! (wasn't that something in the way of [img]..tinypic?(if it still exists)[/img]

"takes notes"

i also just tried to upload a gif
and was blocked by the SHIELD protecting the forum X)
Starting with the right foot. X)

Tastes better than it looks 😛

Uploaded files:
  • Pan-cake-copy.jpg

Is it okay to ask production techniques here!?
I am a big fan of you!

I read your interview somewhere and you said use Kontakt,Absynth etc...

What's your favourite fx plugins sir?

And a song "Zombie"'s female did you do it?
Could you tell me how you process to get that effect?
Thanks! And love your music!!

Hey Batman ?

Well it changes quite a lot what i use, at the moment i am playing with a lot of the UAD plugins, this one will give you more or less the same as the zombie effect

As the one i used on Zombie was an old free 32 bit one that no longer works

The Brainworks EQ is great as is this one which actually sound more like a desk eq

when i am stuck i go to Reaktor Native instruments still...

All reverbs and delays i don't use plugins i use the outboard

I was talking to Ace Ventura and he said his fav's were these

Haven't tried them yet...

With synths i still use the outboard and Reaktor which for me has the best sound of synths for a plug

and from the new roland boutique synths i love the SE 02 which sounds very cool..

Waves I also work with a lot

Thank you sir!
I really appreciate your reply!!

Another question if you don't mind...

Ace Ventura & Juno Reactor feat. Taja Devi - Ingonyama

My favourite track!
How do you guys made that bassline?
Is it layering? I tried to mimic it for a few days...but impossible to recreate it...

One more question...
How long do you spend producing a track?(it depends but average...)

depends what part of the track... if you have a few timings let me know 🙂

Ace Ventura & Juno Reactor feat. Taja Devi - Ingonyama

It stats from 1:03~ in this video clip,bassline how do you make it?


2:13~ Is it just "Pitching up"?
2:20~ this Synth how do you do it?

So Cool!! So many questions sorry!!

I don't make progressive trance, with this track i gave Ace pretty much the whole track, and he added his signature progressive sound, which is a lot more empty than a Juno Tune.

Here is a typical way that it can be done