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Brixton show


I can't wait!

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Hopefully have a couple of surprises for this one 🙂

While im sitting here since 6 in the morning after 3-4 hours sleep, monitoring all the people arriving, having their flights cancelled, postponed, entries denied and other unpredictable stuff, i thought to share a few fun things

For example this.
I thought the double tap system was more a myth than something actually being used nowadays. Like sqat toilets in japan
IF the left tap would actually provide hot water i dont know how youd be able to move your hands from hot to cold to hot to cold fast enough to not get burned, but in this case the left one is just barely providing any water, which is also cold. The right one works, cold water ofcourse.
Also, i feel like i have hulk hands.
Some designers should be shot ^^*

edit: also, for some odd reason pictures got uploaded upside down
Also, i might attempt to try to scream breakfast instructions towards mcdrive's microphone that is right in front of my window - and the windows so thin/old i get clouds of hamburger smell get in every once in a while XD

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Ganbatte! 😉

Getting there~~~

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Beautiful decoration!

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The show was amazing 🙂
Had a great time out there..
Btw. I didn't see the alien Vagina thing? Or perhaps I paid too much attention to the Mutants...

Great night, really enjoyed the show and lovely to meet you Nina 🙂

It took a full day to recover but I've finally got the time lapse up

It was great to meet you too, Mort. Let me know if you're ever in Brussels. 🙂

I stayed in Zombie mode for a while the next day.. Did manage to do some sightseeing, though.

Around what time did you arrive at home? Thanks for the time lapse btw. 🙂