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Anyone else into CGI art or any type of digital art?

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I'm only a fan.

I gawk regularly at behind the scenes material of movies i like.
Love scrolling through
For Scifi and Monster related material.
(If they turn out to be "scifi monsters" then i lose my shit. ah.)

And i'll always love the cool (but primitive by today's standards) 3d art of the old Myst games. Probably one of the first pieces of real fantasy media that i remember being fully engrossed by. Good games, great setting.

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These were mind bending graphics in the early 90's. X)

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Myst FTW. Fucking trying to sit there and solve those puzzles...:)

Still hoping that at some point someone will join who are doing that stuff too 😛 I like the idea that you can create virtually anything, so at some point might be able to recreate whole dreams or sort of be like a real lucid dream. Of course, that's still light years away from studying the program and also tech equipment but the idea is there and its hard to kill 😛

So this is the bedroom of a little project called: Japanese apartment for two - with the usual limitations of size but also things like having only one side of the apartment as windows, however still a place that you could live and work in comfortably for a few years. Most of the furniture is still missing of course

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So today i wanted to add a curtain to the door that goes from bedroom to living room (the one on the right) so i started playing with a neat little plugin called Reeper, however somehow it was so fun i ended up making a doughnut instead! So happy nomnom to everyone ?

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Cool renders! @luciana, I used to do some 3D art. My old website is still around.

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Oh wow, you have a lot! 😀 All handmade?


All modeled by me, yes, unless specified otherwise.
Some of it is quite old and some a bit newer. All most likely created whilst listning to Juno Reactor. ?

Hihi nice!! ^^