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@luciana oh shiittt

hihi not bad! its in their favor that is pants are jet black and there arent any sunrays coming from the side or front or so but placing objects into footage isnt as horribly complicated as it maybe seems - its all about paying attention to having the right light environment/shadows and then putting a few layers of filters over so it blends in. Still takes a while but yeah, its fun projects and its getting easier and easier nowadays :3

I did this one a year ago when i was testing a new plugin - what is obviously missing are the shadows if you look closely at other elements in the footage - they have the mas the sun is quite low. So thats an example of a more difficult/advanced environment (thought with software now, a year later, it'd be already much easier)

Jelly brain, not cause what is but cause what still isnt. ??

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These guys got some shadows a while later then

Hmm now i just need some music for them

Posted by Sanja Karin Muลกiฤ on Sunday, January 29, 2017

its all about trickery and the right positioning of things even if they look random ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh i think i had seen those somewhere! XD

My only vague interest in cgi at the moment is trying to prepare little cg models to 3d print via shapeways..

I'll def be doing that soon... :o)
And my new pc is gonna help me a lot with that.. XD

(I'm pretty sure the pants are real and there's no cg in that video, just go back and forth in the clip and compare the before/after. Different poses. Just trolling) XD

I had this one in "the cooker" for a while, back then when there were still at least 30 of them on this planet (2017). By now there are only 12 Vaquitas left ๐Ÿ™
I havent learned how to paint in C4D yet thus no texture, so please take a moment to check how sweet they look in real on google photos

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another experiment

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Neat! Next Step, put the Juno vynil in there!

how did you know ๐Ÿ˜›

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ah! Great minds etc. etc. etc.