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The Coachella festival is now live, this weekend and next weekend. You can watch various music acts on their YouTube channel:
If anyone's interested X-Japan will be performing today (sun 12:00am) (I think with Sugizo).
It would be cool if Juno Reactor could attend one of these big festivals and then would be streamed live.
Btw, did any of you guys check out the Ultra Music festival a while back? I think Juno would be great for any of these festivals.

I am the sun.

It'd be nice if Juno did Ultra, although I'd wonder if that crowd would even understand something different at this point.

Coachella would be awesome though! Beyonce killed it 🙂

lots of these big festivals work only with commercial agencies or by request of fans (writing to the festivals requesting the artists) so its difficult to get in...

Well there was some rumor of getting Juno to Coachella one year, I know unseung tried.

X Japan had a nice performance at Coachella. Not my type of music but Sugizo was awesome to watch.

I am the sun.

Thanks for posting the link.. I was actually considering flying over at some point. XD (but I figured it would be better to fly to Japan one day..)

I wonder if Juno reactor would fit in Coachella though.. I think it's more a place for pop music, no? (I think.. I watched the Line up and only recognized 3 names on it..)

ahaha speaking of X, I tried to see them 3 times in Paris, in 2008, and each time they'd cancel just a bit in advance. That's how I got to go to Tokyo Decadance (a Japanese party) as it was on the same weekend X was supposed to play and then my Japan adventure started cause of TD 😛
Eventually saw Yoshiki and Toshi perform on Japan expo and randomly ran into Pata in the streets in Paris but I haven't seen them play together as X Japan until 2015 or something then XD

Coachella is mainly commercial pop-y 😛 but i think they have different stages from which one might suit juno better

Yeah.. they also postponed the wembley live show.. for understandable reasons. But damn... it was a concert I'll remember for the rest of my life.

You saw Toshi and Yoshiki in Japan expo in Paris? I went there last year to see Yoshiki, but his interview was so boring (i'm blaming the organizers) that we slipped out and went to the guns n' roses live instead..

Edit: kinda forgot to ask:
Are you by any chance going to Lunatic fest this year? XD would be cool to meet you there.

all this cool festival talk is making me salty at the lack of good festivals in my island.


y life y

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Oh too bad.. move to Belgium? 🙂 (where are you from again? ^_^v)
I don't know if you like heavy metal but this year graspop has an awesome line up. (I'm always surprised those huge bands want to drop by this little country.)

I actually prefer concerts over festivals actually.. I feel like I'm always going home injured from a festival. XD

Madeira Island. ^_^

We get some cool gigs every once in a while....

Juno collaborator Azam Ali was here, years ago.