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Sadly not, right now im not even buying a smoothie in a store if it doesn't plan to book Juno Reactor for an in-store full Mutant show event hehe .. overfilled with work 😛

> Blacklabel: oh yeah.. I can imagine not many artist would visit madeira.. but.. it sounds like an amazing place to live, no?

> Luciana.. auwtch.. painful.. I hope a less busy period would come up soon. (However.. I'm somehow glad you're working too much, it means there are more juno reactor shows.. XD)
Btw. How on earth are you dealing with the sleep deprivation? I also have a gaint lack of sleep sometimes (I don't know if I told you that I'm a police officer) and at times my brain just can't function right. And then I think about Juno reactor or other bands.. Isn't your schedule making you insane?

It's a good thing that Luciana is already crazy.. or she'd be in trouble. ^_^

Haha! Yeah that might do the trick!

XD what drives me crazy right now are abusing promoters and such folks but ive been naturally a fighter for justice already in primary school so its sort of the same thing just that now its not fights in the backyard but fights over contracts, percentages and bad communication...
Regarding sleeping time - well, usually he JR gigs require 2-3 days on the location and that's still fine to survive on 2-4 hours (*remembers high school and starts having facial twitches ...*) but generally its a quite unpredictable schedule so im lucky to have my other job in IT and graphic design where i work from home and dont have a 9 - 5 schedule. Ben beeing such a power machine does outlast me in work hours per day though more or less all the time hihi

Good thing you're fighting for justice, though. I used to be like that too in high school, but I learned not to do that anymore when I (ironically) entered the police school. XD we learned that the chief is always right and that there is no grey area.

Oh cool, I didn't know you also had an IT job.. I can imagine it's nice to chose your own working hours.. sounds like a dream to me. 🙂

Ben indeed seems to be some sort of power machine.. I realized that at the last gig in Belgium.. Ben just kept on going and I was already dead.. XD I realized I had to work on my cardio, so I got a gym membership right after that weekend haha. Next time I will keep on dancing/jumping. XD

Lol id need to start doing some sports too regularly.
I remember fist noticing his endless power supply when we had the Mutant show in Ozora a year and half ago and after the show and after sleeping super little for the preparation days anyway we all finally dropped dead in bed.
Some folks had to leave early in the morning so when i came down to breakfast looking like a corpse that has been dragged down the highway too often he was there all chilled saying he hasnt even gone to bed yet and has been sorting out the people who were leaving and fixing all other post-show stuff. I remember that moment thinking DUUUUUDDDDEEEEEEE HOW THE FFF... O______O XD

It job is nice as long as somebody doesnt bring you a Macbook where they SoMeHoW MaNaGeD To ErAsE ThE WhOlE SoFtWaRe OfF It ... and then you spend the next 10 hours trying to figure out how the hell upload OSX back onto a totally dead machine and get the backup working because they are leaving for the US for 2 weeks of business in the morning.... X__X" and similar lol stories 😛

Wow.. yeah.. that's crazy.. I wish I'd have his energy.. I hate that I do need a decent night of sleep to function properly. I'd like to write music in my spare time, but there is not so much spare time left now, I haven't made the progress I'd like to have made.

Oh gosh yeah.. that sucks.. It remebers me of my brother who used to work in support. One lady called him all night for her software troubles. My brother told her to restart the computer, but apparently she was always pushing the button of the screen..

For all the kids reading this thread (if any)


Haha! Good point.. I guess I just need a 8 day week or.. less working hours in general? XD
Are there any kids on this forum anyway? :p