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Introduce Yourself


Hi! Welcome to the Reactor Leak Forum! Lets all try to get to know one another by introducing ourselves. Here are a few questions I would like to ask all of you.
a) Where are you from, age
b) How did you find Juno Reactor, first song you heard
c) Your favourite Juno song, album
d) Have you attended any live show, if so, where
e) Any other information about yourself that you would like to share

I am the sun.

Portugal, 31 y.o.
Found Juno via the Mortal Kombat film, "Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental)"
Favorite song is Masters of the Universe, Favorite album is Shango
Never attended any live shows.
You'll find more about me in due time. 😉

a) Canada, 32.
b) Also found Juno Reactor through Mortal Kombat, via "Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental)"
c) Favourite Juno Reactor song is always in flux, but at the moment its Final Frontier. Great memories and family connection to that one puts it on a very high pedestal.
d) Have only attended 2 DJ sets, which were great in their own right. Still waiting for the live experience (going on 18 years now, 😛 )
e) I make mashups.

Hehe, I'm gonna let you guess how many times I've heard that one already 😛

RIP to your sanity.

and how many times has joe heard "Heyyyy joee"?

We all have our crosses to bear. 🙁

Hahaha, what a story, Mark! LMAO

a) Madrid (Spain) 33
b) Mmmm...Probably Control
c) Album "Gods and Monsters" Song "Conquistador part II" right now. It changes!
d) Yup! December 5 2009. Hengelo, Netherlands. My pics must be somewhere
e) I'm a night owl

a) Belgium,25 years old
b) I was about 16, One of my favorite guitarists mentioned them in an interview, so I looked them up. The first song I heard was either Navras or Hotaka, as far as I can remember.
c) Song: Conquistador I & II.
Album: Gods & Monsters.
d) In 2010 in Ghent (the whole band), and in 2017 in Antwerp (only Ben Watkins)
e) I love music.

hello all!

a) Praha, Czech Republic. age 36.
b) Mortal Kombat soundtrack - was blown away with Juno Reactor's remix of Control. also found there my most favorite band Orbital.
c) until last ablum it was High Enery Protons and Masters Of The Universe, now its Final Frontier / until last ablum it was Bible Of Dreams, then it is The Golden Sun Of The Great East
d) Praha, Lucerna Music Bar 2009

Hi! I'm DT.
a) Vancouver, Canada. 41 (yeah i'm old)
b) First heard Juno from the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack - Control.
c) My favourite song is Samurai. My favourite album is Labyrinth.
d) I have been to 4 Juno shows (2 with the live band, 2 with Ben as the DJ). The 2 live shows were at Fuji Rock '07 and San Fran '08. The 2 DJ sets were in Vancouver '14 and '16.
e) I'm a video gamer, have a battletag called Junoreactor.

I am the sun.