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Introduce Yourself


G'Day everyone, im Nymbus (original reactorleak username)
1. Victoria Australia. (34)
2. Also MK soundtracks gave me my pathways to Juno Reactor
3. Biot Messiah / Journey Kontinues are always o top of the list but i really follow Ben Watkins as an artist, and cant lie, electrotete's alcatraz / i love you are very much on top too.
4. Australia is ver short on showxl but when i can i do, so 1 live dj set show a few years back in melbourne.
5. Have an incredibly large JR collection encompasing many deffient mediums... will start of forum about this i recon, and have a 4 1/2 year old that loves Our World... he knows this as Good guy and bad guys music.... i have no idea why.. but im happy.

Sup all! This is LAZ from the old forums 🙂

a) Brazil, 33.
b) Animatrix, Masters of the Universe. At first I just selected a few cool songs from this random band.. after I started digging into the Reactor universe, my musical life changed completely 🙂
c) I believe Silver is a very underrated song. So magical :D. Album: Labyrinth.
d) No 🙁 My one chance I had to work and couldn't travel...

So happy that this came back! Juno Reactor and all the people from here are a beautiful part of my life.

Hey there!

a) UK, 42
b) Transmissions - random purchase from Tower Records in Glasgow (I don't live there anymore)
c) God is God & High Energy Protons tho I like the newer stuff too!
d) yep, London, three times - once with Laibach and once for my 40th birthday - spent the whole evening chewing Ben's ear off while he pinched my cigarettes ? - was a messy night! (**edit forgot about the 3rd time 😐 been very lucky!)
e) don't smoke anymore :p

Welcome, everyone.

And dont Smoke! XD

Ahoyhoy, I was OOPz in a previous life (the other old gits will know who I am)

a) London, 40
b) Literally no clue anymore, that's lost a haze of weed smoke and whiskey, but I'm pretty sure I started with Bible of Dreams.
c) Changes by the day
d) Errr.. a bunch, like 4 or 5 at least..... depending on what you count it may be as high as 8?, pretty much anything I could get to in the south of England over the last 20 years.
e) I have basically found NO new music since the old forum went down.... kinda gone off music on the whole lately but hoping to revive the passion.

LOL Mort if you want new music I can try to introduce you to Noisia for the 5th time 🙂

> Mort:
I hope you can revive your passion for music.. I also kind of lost my passion for a while, while I was studying. But now I can't imagine my life without it.

> Marc:
I guess I should really check out Noisia then, if it's that good. 🙂 (The name does ring a bell for me, but I'm sure it's because of your previous posts.)

All just a matter of opinion, Nina! They have their roots in drum 'n bass, but branch out into all sorts of sounds. IMO Literally the best music production / engineering quality I've ever heard, and the best electronic band of the last 10 years. I absolutely love their "Outer Edges" album. Certainly not for everyone though, they just "click" with my preferences perfectly.

I swear they aren't paying me to type this, hehe.

Almost every time I try a random video of theirs at a random point I hear a fucken Amen break.

I cannot describe how much I hate Amen Breaks, but it has a very similar effect to nails on a chalk board, it manifests in my head as "Oh my fucken god, how much of a lazy, talentless fuck is this cunt of a drummer"... and that ruins everything.

Mort, do you mean the actual sample, or the same drum pattern? I think you've got a point, they do indeed use that pattern a lot, although I think pretty much all of d&b is guilty of it; so if its not your thing, its kinda hard to avoid...

I get the same thing with bass drops where the bassline doesn't naturally I despise 99.9% of psy trance.

(My personal version of hell)