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Introduce Yourself


I'm Stargazer, probably AdmiralSkeybar on the last forum.

A) Dutch, moved to the UK (currently Edinburgh), 24
B) The Matrix or Virtuosity
C) No specific favourite album or song although I can never get enough of the Fallen Angel perfecto mix
D) I was in Brixton last week!
E) I am consistently inconsistent
(Yes, I'm the guy in my avatar)

a) Where are you from, age
- San Diego, 40

b) How did you find Juno Reactor, first song you heard
- I thought it was Beyond the Infinite and it might could have been. I bought Prodigy's Jilted at the same time as Transmissions and possibly Beyond from the covers alone.

c) Your favourite Juno song, album
I'm allowed more than 1 (where are the rankings from the 'leak?). Guardian Angel, Samurai, God is God, Masters of the Universe, Conquistador I-II, Tanta Pena, Perfect Crime (Superman)-Pretty Girl. Beyond the Infinite, Shango, Gods & Monsters.

d) Have you attended any live show, if so, where
- First live show was November 21, 2000 at The Justice League in SF. I sold merch (I made my girl sell the merch while I went up front and jumped up and down very enthusiastically)! Second was fucking Glade (EPIC thanks to OOPz & Theo). Third was The El Rey in LA (I did the NA online flyers)! Waiting on the fourth in Mark or Mike's kitchenette.

***EDIT*** Actually, the first Juno Reactor Show I attended was a Mike Maguire DJ Set at the Limelight back in ?1998-99?. I thought I was gonna see 'pondos but I was just glad to hear JR through the speakers. ?

e) Any other information about yourself that you would like to share
- OOPz wrote about not finding any new musics since the old 'leak and sadly I'm in the same boat. You guys inspired and pushed soundtracks of my soul.

Welcome, all. (Do i know un? hum? hon?)

a) Born Sacramento CA, USA
Living in Fontana CA, San Bernardino
Age 31
b) I found Juno Reactor via Tower Records
website, First Song: Conga Fury (although
it was Control, I didnt know that at the
c) Your favourite Juno song: INVISIBLE
(Though so many, this one makes me feel so
powerful). Album: LABYRINTH
d) El Rey 2008, Los Angeles (Insects LIVE
was insane, Bass went into my body)
e) I write, sing, dance and enjoy smoking
uppers, though I like to have a clear
sober mind more often. I go to the
library when i am not working, and read,
write and learn. I like my wife and
kids. Born Dec 5 '86 and have the juno

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Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

a) Mountains, North Carolina
b) Control, Traci With Juno Reactor,
c) Control, Conga Fury - Beyond the Infinite
d) Have not been to any live shows yet.
e) I take people on jungle trips down into the amazon and design knives for a few knife companies.