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Earthcore - Australia

Hi @barbarian

Freaking awesome that you are coming to Earthcore in the land of Oz..... And its simply down the road for me!!!! So pumped. Buying TIX now.

Earthcore says you play on the 24th of Nov, but around what time? Do you know?


How many other Aussie will be attending?
Last show I went too was the JR DJ set in Melbourne (that was an earthcore event too)

Well, it has to be in Darkness 🙂 so whatever time that is...

Well that makes sense. But is it the early morning hours of the 24th so 12am to 6am..or the night time of the 24th.. so 7pm to midnight whi hmeans its the 25th then...

Its never really clear which part of the 24th you will be performing.

Hope the above makes sense Ben.. just helps me plan the day better

Ill ask next time i talk to spiro, not sure if they already have a plan but we will work towards it, probably since we are headlining it will be 24th late evening id say?