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Favourite memories from Juno Reactor gigs (so far)


Hi fellow pistoleros - I’ve had an amazing time seeing JR live over the last few years. Wondered what people’s favourite moments are? Some of mine:

* Finishing the Boomtown set in 2015 with Guardian Angel to celebrate its 20th anniversary - the track sounded as fresh as it did back then

* Being blown away by the Brixton gig in 2014 - seeing Navras performed and Final Frontier with bladerunner visuals.

* Having seen that, getting straight over to Helsinki and having the bonus experience of seeing The Colour of Pomegranates before another barnstorming gig.

* hearing the brilliant talents of Taja and Amir join the team

* the unmissable stage performance with The Mutant Theatre at ozora in 2016

* and many more

Looking forward to the gig at Brixton this February!

Def the Mutant Show have been one of my highlights 🙂 along with so many in Japan...

India on some strange Island to have the first Mutant awaking with 6 mirrored aliens jump up onstage with no warning <3

Wow it sounds like you visited many gigs before. So far I only saw them twice in Belgium (in 2010 and 2017 (a dj set)).

My favorite moments so far were:
- (In 2010) As a huge Sugizo fan, I was surprised he walked past me in the audience and I punched his arm. (Which was probably not the best reaction). A few moments later they opened with Conquistador I (and II), which I completely fell in love with, since I play the nylon string guitar as well.

- In 2017 I had the chance to go to an amazing party and watch/hear Ben play his dj set. The atmosphere was great, I danced like crazy and I had a chance to casually talk with Ben.

I will soon go to Brixton to see the mutant theater for the first time, which I've been really looking forward to. 🙂

I'll also go to Liège in April, but it seems like there isn't much information available yet.

Would be great to have Sugizo and Amir on the Mutant Shows

My favorite moment was Mabi playing on the drums at the San Fran '08 show.

I am the sun.

@ Barbarian:

Yeah indeed. I'd love to see Sugizo live again, but I can't afford to travel to Japan at the moment. I'm kind of hoping I'd see him in Brixton or Liège, but since it has been a while since he joined a show in Europe (I don't even know the last time), I guess he wouldn't come.

(I'm sorry for my slight preference for Sugizo. Of course I like all of the members.)

@ Nina
The last time was festival in Hungary a few years back? Ben,correct me if I'm wrong...

My favourite Juno memory was going to see them live in the middle of the Netherlands 7 years ago. My first and last Juno gig...*snifs*

God my brain is awful at remembering years, and most other things, tends to delete info at will... def miss Mabi and Sugizo, so gonna make a sex doll of sugizo, get an ET doll for mabi and inject robotics might be my best chance.

or if we get the budget a constellation of the Juno band would be great... 🙂

Would the sex doll be on sale? I think it might sell pretty well...

@Queenie: why the last one? You might have a chance in the future.

Sure, why not, a whole row of Sugizo Sex Robots in our Merch, sell them in real life size, half to small for the perverts, and super Sugizo the godzilla of sex Robots, with extra battery life... 🙂