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Favourite memories from Juno Reactor gigs (so far)


Don't forget the sombrero condoms!

Cool.. I would buy a whole army of those... for world domination.
(Might be a good plot for an erotic sci fi movie.. Juno reactor can make the soundtrack.)

And sombrero condoms? Is that a thing? But robots don't really need condoms, do they?
(Unless you're planning to make them fertile, which might add a nice touch to the sci fi movie.)

(What a way to drift off topic.....)

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Posted by Juno Reactor on Sunday, 14 January 2018

Aaaaaahhh now I get it... I didn't even think that far..

After a long wait JR came back to land of Oz. The best part (apart from the 2hr stint of pure JR gold) is the moment you look up, and Ben is not at the desk but rather, right next to you in the crowd.... its like you see an angel with a holy light shinning next to you (face still darkend by the hat though) and for a moment you have a second look back to the DJ booth to make sure your havent had drugs.... and that... that is a moment where you go... shit... Ben knows magic too!!!..
Pure craftmansship to do that. Freaks everyone out... and then like moths to flame, the crowd decends... yet Ben takes it in his stride, posses for photos and casually goes back to his desk... amd continues his craft.

Class... pure magic and class and the music... nevers stops or misses a beat