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[Forum announcements]

You can now upload an avatar directly (without using gravtar) by going to your profile page and scrolling all the way down.

There will hopefully be more updates in the future and maybe a few glitches in between so advance apologies for that m(_ _)m

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This is how you can turn the forum into an almost-app (for iPhone, but i assume android/windows might have a similar option) if you are away from your computer a lot

1. you open the forum on Safari/a browser (and optionally log in and make it remember your password)
2. press the middle bottom button (for sharing, sending etc)
3. scroll to find the "Add to home screen" button
4. name the "app" and boom, there you have a shortcut to the forum from your phone

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if you want to have access to the free song downloads and private section you have to sign up. That's where the music is hidden 😉