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[Full Show] 11. august - Las Vegas: Def Con

The show is supposed to start on the 11th at 23:00.

Also, sadly it seems only attendees of the convention will be able to see the show, that means you have to buy the DefCon convention ticket, there are no concert-only tickets for sale (believe me we kept on trying to convince them to change their mind and open up some cheaper tickets for a concert only sale .____.)

For everyone who can not come to see us this time (cause i agree its crazy to shell out so much plus travel and accommodation etc), if enough hype will be accumulated we are hoping for a full US tour in 2019. So do request your local radio stations, magazines and online music websites to send us interview requests so we can get the word out there and make promoters around US see its a cool show to put on 🙂

@isadbrasjo made a thread 🙂

This helps. Thank you for the information. ?

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Event is finally properly up on facebook 😛