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This thread doesn't need an explanation, does it?

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lil question on the side .. anyone got a clue how to get 9gag "gifs" (mp4s) not play automatically? i tried iframe, video, embedding normally etc, autoplay="false", ?ref=0, &autoplay=0, ?autostart=false etc but nothing works on here ... with the new album title name. X)

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Funny because it's kinda true.

I'm a straight dude but most of my online friends are in the LGBQT community...
and most of the times that the conversation turns to porn or sex with my irl straight friends i have to keep myself in check and remember:

"oh that's right.. i almost forgot that you're kinda boring about these things."

Anyone else into japanese demons and spirits?

Very disappointed that there isn't a Juno Reactor song called Shirime.