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High Quality Options for Upcoming Mutant Theatre Album?

Hi there,

Is it possible to have high quality options for downloading for the upcoming Mutant Theatre album? I'm thinking specifically of 24bit, 96Khz versions for a few extra bucks. I know I'd be interested, don't know about others...

...or is that a crap ton of work for very little payoff? ?

I've found them on sites like this:

Anyone else who's interested, can you chime in to show support, please?

Just showing my support the best way I can!

I think best I can do is 24bit 48000 as it was all recorded in that format, and if i bump it up to 96 it wouldn't sound any better... 😛

I'm fine with that. Gotta get my Juno pristine! IIRC, CD quality is 16bit, 4400? I'll take that for sure! Thanks!

Hi Ben.

Any movements on possibly having a live dvd of one of the shows with mutant theatre to accompany the new album? Your last 2 DVD were great!

As we inch closer to the release date, do you mind if I ask where the best place to buy the album will be? Specifically, a place that would have the high quality options and gets you the biggest percentage. Will the store of the site have it?

we haven't made available A 24 48 Version as yet, I doubt you would be able to hear the difference between that and 44.1 16 bit, but i am deaf as a shoe. the frequencies above 12 k - so more ambient track to appear in the future

But will a .flac or .wav option be available in the store, at 44.1/16bit? Just looking for something beefier than mp3s.

I suppose I could rip flacs from my CD copy, but that requires waiting...I want my black tar Juno hooked straight into my veins! Ride the snake!

Update: I noticed the Bandcamp page has flac options, but I'd assume that buying them from this site would be a better deal for you.

Cannot wait!
It is next week already.
I am going to buy a CD, and stream, then download it off Pandora/youTube Music.
SHOWTIME sounds like a banger!!!! That one and DAKOTA!

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