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I remember

the 'leak.

Looking forward to the mutants.

Missing Taz & the 'pondos.

Banner day at the farm with the boys. I still wear the shit out of my decade+ old Glade t.

Yay! You made it! Welcome. X)

Now Mike needs to learn how to post in here.

I remember both unseung and blcklabel....even sleeplabkid from the reactorleak website... i would assume your are the same mutants?

The Same. X) Welcome, Nymbus.

This is what I think of when I hear the name "un".

I am the sun.

Yeah, we need the Sleep Lab Kid, and where's OOPz at?

Cool. Its great to see the JR music love never left..

2018 started awesome! 😀

I'll never forget... Billy The Kid lol? SLK, OOPz, Unseung, Mark... so many cool people back then 🙂

"Back then"? Ah come on, I'm still cool, daddy-o!