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JR songs in movies and TV shows


The most recent I saw is Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Van Damme was racing in a car while Conquistador II was playing.) I hope Ben and co got paid!

The whole Chase scene in Matrix Reloaded was solid gold with a perfect score.

10 Juno's out of 10 for that one.

(Large inhale)

Beyond the Infinite:
Guardian Angel - used in Drive (1997)
Samurai - used in Virtuosity and the trailer for Eraser

Bible of Dreams:
Conga Fury - used in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, and the Animatrix ("Final Flight of the Osiris)
God is God - used in Beowulf (1999)
Komit - used in The Matrix: Revolutions (or Reloaded?)

Pistolero - used in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sugar & Spice
Hule Lam - used in Sonho de Verao
Masters of the Universe - used in The Animatrix ("Kid's Story")

War Dogs - used in Secuestro Express
Mutant Message - used in the trailer for Legion
Navras - used in 2009 episode of So You Think You Can Dance

Gods & Monsters:
Tanta Pena - used in Genius Party ("Dimension Bomb")

The Golden Sun of the Great East:
Final Frontier - used in a Toyota commercial (can't remember which one)

I'm Here...Another Planet (w/ The Creatures) - used in Lost in Space
Traci Lords - Control (Juno Reactor Instrumental) - used in Mortal Kombat
Jackpot (w/ Hamsika Iyer) - used in Jackpot
Puttin' on the Blitz (w/ Mark Patton) - used in Bunraku

Full Juno/Watkins score:
The Matrix: Reloaded
The Matrix: Revolutions
Dimension Bomb
Brave Story
Webbed Cam

(large exhale)...there's more that I'm missing!

Does this thread belong in the "random" section, tho? :/

Yeah.. most likly random thread...
But this website had a few more.... didnt know of a few of these...


I will share when I freaked out after hearing Juno Reactor tracks while at work or in public. Because that is the best feeling.

I was delivering food to a table and on the bar TV (Huge stand-up tv) the tv spot for Secuestro Express came on and I heard the "War Dogs" track, quickly put the food down at the customers table and went to the tv just gobbling up the moment, smiling to myself that everyone in the bar was hearing Juno Reactor but I was the only one who knew!! Just geeked out completely. I didn't even ask if my table needed anything else, but my mood boosted up just by hearing a JR song playing in the States, Los Angeles area. I thought to myself, whoever did the trailer has some good musical tastes.

The other time was watching the trailer for Legion and completely losing my shit in the theatre when I heard "Mutant Message". I only went to see the actual movie in hopes they had a JR song during one of the fighting scenes, but nothing.

Once in a while I will hear Pistolero at a Baseball game, that actually is pretty normal believe it or naw.

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@sidmassive Nice find. Wow. I am going to watch this show just for that fact.

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I liked how they used Conquistador I and II in the episode for JCVJ. They use part II first, then mix it into part I before going back to part II. The episode is hella funny too.
I'm just shocked they included the "Mors Stubebit et Natura" lyric part that Taz Alexander sings. Beautiful use of both tracks in my opinion.
I suggest checking it out, on prime Video or Youtube.
@sidmassive thanks for sharing that info.

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Its too bad that Juno Reactor never made a track titled "Suck My Dick". You know, it really paints a picture...

I'm obsessed with Juno being in JCVJ still. Here is the scene with iMDb XRay.

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