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Juno Reactor & Outsiders // Athens 22.12.18

Is this show confirmed? It is still not listed on the official site.
Saw it last night and almost' booked flights/tickets.. 🙂

Show is confirmed, bens flights booked and organizers very responsive so looks good! We were just occupied with the australian drama until the last second ^^* will put up officially soon!

Thanks, Luciana!

Tickets bought, flights booked 🙂

btw, is anybody going there? We could have a little meetup. Would be nice 😉

I will be there 🙂

Will be pleasure to finally meet you in person 😉
Any suggestions where and when?

// I'll be right in front the stage, probably long before the show, and loong after it.
And- yes, the guy that jumps and screams the most. The crazy one. 😛