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Just Talk

aka random chats between members, etc. etc. 🙂

Drop it here if it doesnt fit anywhere else. 🙂

"if you build it... they will come."

Which is why i've been creating all these little threads on the 'leak.
Trying to make this a neat little space for people. ?

We just need more members, now...
..hopefully once the new album drops...


Why is it so difficult for JR to come to America? Eddie Murphy did it!, and he is from Wakanda!

A venue like Ceasars (never been) / Defcon should be able to amply take care of bringing a monster international group and having it be worth the while...amiright!?

It's frustrating that Juno Reactor will be performing and I can't bring people who are very interested to actually see them.

Doesn't Metropolis have people who handle such things for their artists? Or is Ben being to handsy micro-managing the tour logistics?

Just some thoughts o'mine. Stoked to be goin' to Vegas baby, VEGAS!!!

Also, @blacklabel, this forum doesn't seem to be as intuitive or as user-friendly as the original 'leak. The community seems to be facebork now doesn't it?

Well how did you find out about Juno Reactor coming to Vegas?
I found out by scrolling through their Twitter! Not their website, article, facebook or google, but through Twitter. My heart scrambled trying to find a date, time, etc. But I'm glad we still have a bit of time until they arrive.
I saw them last in 2008, at the El Rey theatre in L.A.
Information about JR seemed to be scattered throughout the web, makes me frustrated as a fan, because I have to dig and look to find important details about them.
Even this forum is difficult at times.
I am trying to find that 90 min podcast...

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Transmissions Album Talk. Starts at @6:42 if you just want to hear my opinion on the album.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Good to see new(old?) users in leak 2.0.
Using threads me and Luciana created, no less.

Like seeing kids in a carefully built new playground. ^_^
Have fun, kids. haha

Hey Isaiah @isadbrasjo I'm not the best one to comment on such social media...or any media for that matter. Think I was told about Defcon? We'll definitely hang in Vegas but you not too far from San Diego for a trip. I was at El Rey a decade ago but I've lost most recollection of that incredible night! Love your enthusiasm and the symbol tattoo!

@blacklabel @mark @sleeplabkid <-WTF? @lazarus His album review was exactly what we wrote on the original 'leak! This design?

Hehe I love the stereo bouncing in Luna-Tic as well. According to Ben, the girl saying "contact" was a girlfriend of Stef Holweck's at the time, and I think things went now she's unfortunately "enshrined" in that track.

Great to hear your passion for the album. I did a very quick review of it on Amazon way back when.


@mark. I loved reading your review on Amazon to the album. It is precise, and you really know how to focus in on the nuggets and points. I have to take a few pointers from you when talking about an album.
Really enjoyed reading it. Thanks again for sharing.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!