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Last Movie or TV Show you watched?


A lot of Juno's music is inspired directly by films
(example: Conquistador by "Aguirre, The Wrath of God)...
so a thread like this is useful. ?

Post here what you last saw and your
thoughts, views etc...


A film i really loved from last year was

Think "Psycho" blended with "The Wicker Man" and you wont be too far off.
Fun, sexy, weird and full of heart. Retro 60's in style. Neat little indie film.
Best described as being about a witch that "was brainwashed by the patriarchy". XD

Slow as a snail, most people will turn off, beautifully filmed like old paintings, I thought was great.

Great sceneries, shots, costumes, compositions - and NO CGI used in the entire movie! It was shot in 28 countries over 4 years without a stage used - only real locations.

Love the Fall. Beautiful film. ? When it came out, i remember recommending this film to anyone that i could recommend it to. X)

Louis XIV looks great... I survived through all 3 hours of Barry Lyndon... i'll survive this film, too. ?

but let's talk about a film that i've rewatched more times than any other...
Samurai Cop.

Finally got around to seeing the first Kingsman: The Secret Service movie. Previews made it look ho-hum.

VERY pleasantly surprised, and contains one of the greatest wish fulfillment scenes that I've ever seen.

Finally got around to watching Blade Runner 2049 for a second time and....
I like it a lot more, now.

"Blade Running Time 2049 minutes"
It's still way too long... but i'd dare say that i like the plot in this one a lot more than in the first film. There's actual momentum, generated here by a neat mystery. None of the "artificial" characters are as interesting as Roy Batty and the soundtrack is nowhere near as good as Vangelis' stuff... but the sheer "brutalism" of it kind of fits with the film's tone and atmosphere which is also a lot rougher than the original's... This is an even more unforgiving world and "melody and poetry" are in short supply. Indeed, they mostly only show up via a nostalgic selection of old songs (Frank Sinatra, Elvis).

Luv and Joi were the most interesting characters and had the best performances.
And it is the most beautiful looking film of the last year.

But if i'm being honest.. "David" from Alien Covenant was actually the most interesting android in a 2017 film. 😉

9 Holographic Waifus out of 10.

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Bladerunner 2049 should have been released on that date, one of the most tedious films i've seen...

Good old Ridlez agrees.

Just finished Season 3 of Fargo 😛

I need to see season 3... oh well album nearly dusted, time to become a potato 🙂