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Last Movie or TV Show you watched?


"updates thread title to add tv shows."

Been enjoying the fuck out of Twin Peaks...
and Star Trek Discovery, lately.

The title sequence is very classy and always puts me in a zen state.

(The trailers for it were trash, ignore those.)

Quit Game of Thrones somewhere last season because they somehow killed most of the interesting characters and now the plot revolves around King Boring and Queen Dull.. who are played by very very mediocre actors...

Currently doing 2nd season of Peaky Blinders. Its nice when you look at a TV series and it has many episodes per season. Like an extra big piece of cheesecake you're eyeing despite knowing it will bring you closer to death but you still go for it and somewhere midway through, high on the sugar, you take a step back and admire the amount you still have to finish :3

EDIT: Season 3

Ergh, every time I see a TV lately; I notice how there's an agenda being pushed... all the damn time.... and always the same damn agenda, its gotten so bad in the last 5 years that I've pretty much completely given up with TV.

However, honourable mention to Brockmire, a non-standard american sitcom that most people don't seem to have heard of... Worth a try IMO, its got a little something going on and doesn't make me feel constantly patronised.

Some asian Movies worth watching

Snake of June. Artsy Erotic "thriller" from the same director as "Tetsuo". Shot in a very beautiful aquamarine blue. A salary man's beautiful wife gets blackmailed by a stalker into doing some "erotic activities" in public.. and it all gets weirder from then on. It's shot from a very "male" point of view, though, so there isnt much eye candy for women outside of the gorgeous cinematography. (There's no hot male lead, sorry) ?

Hausu. Very funny. Very weird. I dont think there's any easy way to describe this one.
The story was developed from random ideas of the director's very young daughter... which might explain a lot... XD

Naked Killer. Hong Kong bizarro martial arts/erotic thriller combo.
1 scene describes the tone of the movie perfectly: The older more experienced female assassin keeps a mad rapist man in chains on her cellar.. as a living "bag of flesh" to practice kung fu moves on. The experienced hitwoman throws her young student into her cellar.. so that the young girl has to practice self defense on the men who promptly attack her as if they were "rapist zombies"... THAT is just the kind of movie this is. It's insane and everything's shot like an 80's music video. It's difficult to get bored with this film..

I'm thinking of more weird stuff... but this is a nice start.. ?

Just finished Annihiation.

Besides the usual American movie elements, it does have a lot of very interesting ideas. It more seems to me like a promotion film to attract sponsors for a more in-depth movie, but then again he did Ex Machina as well which was similarly full of interesting hints but somehow too finished too quickly. Could have been more in-depth but definitely very inspiring.

Still need to see that one!

Here's 2 other high recommendations for japanese films

Kwaidan is an "anthology" film. 4 separate ghost stories. (1964)

Kuroneko. (1968)

Both of these have some of the most beautiful cinematography on film. 🙂

Angel's Egg

what an utterly beautiful film.
And what an enigma. ?
It is rumored to be about the director's crisis of faith and there's much in the film to support that interpretation. (Mamoru Oshii was going to be a priest at a point in his life) But the film tends to resist whatever coherent "easy" theory that you try to throw at it. It'll be mysterious forever... and that's fine. 🙂

Reminds me of my own crisis of faith, tbh.

@Mark YUS! Kingsman was great; the second one, for me fell flat. Maybe because I was expecting too much?

@Mort I have to agree. I do not like TV at all. Just pure trash in America. Ugh!

I saw Deadpool 2 (spoilers) in theaters last, and I loved the fuck out of Cable and all the scenes from the future. The team up with Juggernaut and the kid was cool. Bummed that Mr. Sinister didn't show besides a nod to his surname. Shatterstar was fucking awesome the way he name dropped Mojo World.

The current television show(s) I am watching (through NetfliX) are Star Trek Ds9 (never seen it before, and I fucking love it, a little better than Voyager), Call the Midwife, and Ash Vs. Evil Dead. I love all three of these shows right now. I like the accents and "realistic" stories from Call the Midwife, and Bruce Campbell is just amazing and over-the-top. Love love love.

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