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The Mutant Theatre Album - 3. Lets Turn On (+ music video)

... is officially out. Enjoy!

I can't wait to see these fuckers live.

Wow! That's a fantastic video!

uhm, any chances for this one to be released as a single as Our World was? with one, two mixes? 🙂

Same @un
I...WE will enjoy every ounce.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!


Lets Turn On - Ozora 2017

Juno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre @ Ozora 2017 - Iphone footage - A small section of what these costumes can do, created by the genius Sasha from the Stigma show, "Lets Turn on"... new track custom made for these costumes, beautiful Vocals by Michele Adamson <3 Full length video here

Posted by Juno-Reactor on Friday, 18 August 2017

Two references/samples I noticed:

There is quite the nod to Portishead's "Only You" in there.
Portishead - Only You

It's only you
Who can tell me apart
And it's only you
Who can turn my wooden heart

I think this is the synth stab from "One of These Days" by Pink Floyd:
(It's at 0:57 and repeated throughout)

In love with this track and the video clip.. wow. Reminds me of the first time i watched Hotaka. Goose bumps!

I wish australia had more love because this video clip would be clostest thing to the live event i ever get. (Que tiny violin).
Dont get me wrong, a dj set made me happy BUT qhat this video clip showed would be another world entirly.

This tracks sucks.
Just kidding. This is theatrical, sexy, and pulsing. Makes me think Funky Town by Lipps Inc.
Who else got that vibe??

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!