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Meetup in Brixton?


I've asked this before, but I didn't get much reaction, so in case someone missed it:

Anyone want to meet up after the show in Brixton?

Or some other time perhaps? ...

I'll be there but busy before and during the show, after the show would be cool though for a bit (Somewhere around 2 am as the show starts midnight and lasts an hour and a half) ? I wonder who else is coming from the forum~

I'd be curious to meet some of the forum, but perhaps not that many are coming to Brixton as most of us seem to live quite far...

I guess we'll meet after the show then. 🙂 I was planning to party until the early morning anyway, so anytime is fine for me. (But apparently it's impossible to re-enter the hall after 2am??)

I can try to find the info how it is with reentering but im sure we'll manage to meet up somehow ^^ maybe a few days before the show we can post info in the members only section where and when exactly to meet up (with picture of the venue place and everything) or come up with a plan, im sure something will be possible 🙂

Yeah I was thinking about the same thing. As long as everyone has acces to mobile internet in the UK, we'd be able to meet up without any problems for sure.

I think it should be fine, as far as i know everyone who has an EU phone contract should have access to internet Everywhere.
If there is network in the venue is another question but i shall find that out too 😛

For sure. No real reason to wait until after either... meet up on the way there then we've got a bit of a crew for the show.

There should be a network in the venue, right? Or that's what I'd expect.

Sure we can meet before, it woukd be nice to go with a whole crew. But I'd like to be in the front of the audience and dance like a crazy person.. I'm not sure if everyone has the same plan...

Preparties are the best!! Would love to join but will have to work 🙁 but after, if you guys will be around, I'd gladly join ^__^

Well, I'll be in the area from around 3pm at the latest (i.e. don't worry about coming early. You wont be sat around on your lonesome... you'll at very least have me to make awkward conversation with ;))