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Meetup in Brixton?


> Luciana: preparty, afterparty... any party is good, unless the music is shit.
Do you work at the venue perhaps?

> Mort: oh! Awkward conversations are one of my specialities. I can be in the area at any time. But I'm probably going to take an afternoon nap before heading to the party. Is there anything to see in Brixton?

I have literally no idea... Never spent much time in Brixton.... last time I was there was like, 15 years ago; the whole place was a crime riddled shit hole.... but it has gentrified since then so.... probably all sorts?

If only there were some way to google it and find out?

Apparently there is a David Bowie memorial over there... I used my awesome google skills..

> Nina: I'll be working on the event (technically the preparations are on since a few weeks already) and of course the last few days before and especially the day of the event will be stress pure hihi - therefore i can only join after 😛 (and even then its not off time yet as some artists leave early in the morning for airports and rental equipment has to be driven back and such things)

Oh.. sounds like a tough job, but also very interesting! I wish I would have had the chance to do something like that before I got a steady job.

Good luck!

Luciana: Do you know you?... I was OOPz on the last forum.

on the old forum i was “Immortal Angel”, i think. Its been a while hihi, not 100% sure anymore

If not, I guess I'll meet you on site... I'm going to try setting up a timelaps camera to catch virgin stage to virgin stage.

Name rings a bit of a bell... but its a very quiet bell

I think i wasnt super active on it, more the lurker type hihi

You’ll be doing the filming?