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Meetup in Brixton?


Na, I'm in no way a camera guy, I've only got the one good camera... and I think its best used for getting a timelapse.

I would love to have it in hand, recording the night..... but I only have the one good camera... and I think a time-lapse of the night is the best way to use it.

Happy to listen to arguments thorough, if you have a better idea.

No, i think its a cool idea!
I know we'll have 2 cameramen with pretty good cameras and at least one photographer. Plus a timelapse might look really cool with all the action and lights :3 You already know where you'll place it? If it has a decent zoom the balcony might be a nice perspective.

Its a Sony X1000V. So, similar to a gopro... only better.... or worse... depending on your qualifying system.

It does 4K footage (which is good) but I'm not convinced its great in a low light environment (i.e. a club).... guess we'll find out, eh.

and no, no real idea where to place it... there's no point even thinking about it until I know what the options are.
Ideally I would like get it up high at the front of the stage, so it can see both stage and audience... but the location will be determined entirety by where I can get mains power to it. (I've got a huge battery pack, and even that only does 7 hours... it's gotta be on the mains)

Yeah i guess then side of the stage with a tripod is def better, and somewhere there should be some electricity too, maybe good to bring an extension cord or so, just in case?

Long USB cable + duct tape

I really dont give that much of a shit about it.... would just be a nice thing to cap.

Then that should work for sure~

Yeah... that does seem to be how life works 😉

Oh... there doesn't seem to be any form of private message system setup here and there's no way in hell I'm just posting my phone number.

How best to handle this?

its annoying that this seems to not be possible to set up but maybe for this purpose it'd be the best to jump to facebook and maybe make a group conversation? there are benefits to this forum but sadly also disadvantages 🙁

Sounds like a plan.
So we should pm one person our facebookaccounts I guess, and start a conversation that way? (Or are there easier ways to do this?)

I don't mind to add everyone here, so if you like, you can pm me your account.

Edit: wait.... is there a possibility to send a pm to someone????