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Meetup in Brixton?


I don't use facebook anymore... it got WAY too creepy, knowing about shit it has no business nor reasonably acceptable method to know.... Also they are trying to do social engineering on us (and not for a good cause)... to which they can get fucked!

Google and twitter too.... fuck em all!

Anyhow... how about this?

I wrote to the web guy asking if there is any way to implement a private message plugin and while he said the forum itself doesnt have that feature it might still be possible to do with another plugin/hook. Me being a total dumb regarding wordpress I'll have to wait and see if he can fix that as im afraid to mess up any of the other things running on the page.

But that mail seems like a good alternative too in case the messages thing wont be resolved till the event.

Yeah, there's very little chance it'll be up in time. Even small changes can take days.

Should we send an e-mail to "thisemailwillblablabla" or how does it work?

That was the idea, yeah.

So let's do that! 🙂 otherwise we'll still be discussing how to contact each other after the performance. 😉