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Music Subscription / Buying

Hi ben
What % or finacial support do streaming services like Spotify give JR? Ive always been curious. It doesnt have JR (or your other alias) works from early / late 90s and compared to what my own collection is, its limited, and rather use the old ipod. However if i knew it supported JR even i played the new tracks then im there.

Hope you can help if buying the album is more frutful from the JR store Vs spotify / streaming services.

Ps. My 4 1/2 year old has killed Our World play amount on spotify. Constantly plays this in his playlist along with the Moana Soundtrack lol... he likes a bit of variation every now and then..

Don't know the numbers offhand, but Spotify is apparently horrendous (working with a few years old stories). I've been told that buying directly from the band's website gets you highest percentage going to the artist and the fewest amount of middle-men.

Not certain though, definitely correct me if I'm wrong...just basing on hearsay.

I have no idea! I know i should, I buy cd's when i know i like it, or iTunes for convenience... Glad Our World is hitting the mark 🙂