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Nephilim Magazine #1 (Vol.1) Featuring Juno Reactor

I interviewed Ben a few years ago for Strange Beauty Magazine and tried my luck again a few weeks ago for my new magazine, Nephilim, given how much is going on with Juno Reactor these days. The awesome guy that he is, he gladly accepted. So, here it is. An exclusive interview with the man himself and much more.

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Amelia Wysocki: Creative Director / #ameliawysocki

~thread moved to general as Goodie Bag is only for Ben's free track downloads~

You are welcome to tell a little bit more about that link πŸ™‚

Feel free to post everywhere, Wysocki. πŸ™‚

Cover looks so beautiful @djwysocki. What track was offered for download @luciana?

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Does that magazine say $45?

Thank you, @Isadbrasjo.

Indeed, it does say $45, @Un. I know that sounds nuts but since independent publications such as my own are entirely self-funded and not by large corporations like those under CondΓ© Nast, which owns Glamour, Vanity Fair, Wired, etc, we have to pay all expenses on our own and cannot depend on sponsors or advertisers for each issue. The price our readers pay covers what we must pay to produce exclusive content and for our own advertising. It also pays for print issue production cost and shipping, which our publisher, MagCloud handles on their end. Production and shipping of one of our typical size issues comes to about $12 since they are printed as ordered and not in mass, which would be less expensive but not possible at the moment. The reason people pay what we ask is that we offer far more creative content than you are likely to find in more mainstream magazines and we're not hung up on celebrity status. Most of those we feature are virtual unknowns who've yet to be discovered and are often far more impressive than those who tend to grace the covers of such magazines. I hope this explains our reasoning to you. This is actually pretty standard. Many indie magazines who have reached our level actually charge people to submit for publication, but that is something we will never do. It just doesn't feel right.

Amelia Wysocki: Creative Director / #ameliawysocki

@isadbrasjo not sure, i guess @barbarian will know?