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Oh.. so were doing political censorship here now?


Even though the shit I pointed out is so horrendous that it's actually bringing the far left and far right together....

Fuck you.

I'm done.

This is exactly why I quit facebook.

Chill Mort~~ (wheres the other thread gone?)
Alternativelty the Rage thread is there to let off steam 🙂


There's tech problems with the server or something. :/
It auto deleted a whole bunch of recent posts, not just yours.

No censorship over here.

O__o where? My mail didnt work for the whole day 2 days ago and we spent 7 hours getting it back alive and the forum was loading super slow (thats jow i actually noticed something was weird). Wish i could get more info about why and what but our tech guy didnt want to talk any details :/ but will to tind out more. Can you let me know which posts got deleted? As in time frame or theme? I know morts one disappeared yes

I "guess" it's a server problem.

A day or so ago i saw that Mort had posted over many other threads. Photography, philosophy, etc.
After i logged in to post.. it was all gone. The forum had "reverted" back to a previous iteration.

Either it was a server problem or we all went back in time...
or... IT WAS CENSORSHIP!!!!!111 ?

My work mail got totally deleted for a while - 1220mails gone and mail not working, took 7 hours of sending mails to the tech guy and arguing and trying and guessing and frustration... i dont know what happened but it also seems like i wont get to that info :/ my guess best we just repost what we posted (i guess the stuff i wrote is gone too) .. the forum set up really isnt the best, even the no private messages or anything and ive been trying to make that happen since a month now 🙁 ...

>_< that is super shitty.

Big time :/

I blame all of this on PUTIN and his army of russian hackers.


Oh arse!.... seems I was being a reactionary fuckwad.
Never occurred to me that it might be a tech fail (because it is SO common to have anything contentious deleted now-a-days)