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Opening Song from Ozora and Lublin

Hey Ben, I've been watching lots of video from the Ozora and Lublin shows (great shows btw). The opening song is one of the new songs I really like. What is the name of the song and will it be in the new album?

Song kicks in about the 2:30 mark.

I am the sun.

90% sure what this is, but I don't wanna speak for the chief. Sure as hell hope its on the album.

The Intro uses the lullaby theme from Pan's Labyrinth?

New album is gonna be GUD. X)

Return of The Pistolero - Intro is a reworking of the Lullaby from Pans Labyrinth

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Today getting closer, another mix down 🙂

Not so sure i should call it that, as it then makes it so linked to Pistolero...

??? ehhh or maybe just gunfighter/gunslinger dunno. i like the current title, anyway.

that is some trailer... hi hi :)|