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Say your favorite artist (doesnt need to be Juno) comes to your side of the globe and will perform there, but the only way for you to be able to see them is to buy a ticket for a bigger, 4 days non-music-related event for let's say 300USD.

a. whats your immediate reaction when you get to know that (as in read it somewhere on a ticket sale site or sth)
b. would you go?
c. what would be your general mood/feeling towards the band afterwards


a. My immediate reaction is: 300USD is a lot of money!
b. It depends on the event venue/what the event is/whether or not I will ever have the opportunity to see the artist again. I don't particularly enjoy hot, crowded, outdoor festivals, so if the event is being held in the middle of the summer at a very large festival in a distant city I have never visited before it's unlikely I will go.
c. My general mood/feeling toward the band would be the same as it was before I knew about the event. The band can't lose money playing shows.

a) Very excited. My favourite bands rarely if ever come to Canada to perform live, so beggars can't be choosers. (For instance - I am a huge fan of The Chemical Brothers, and they haven't played here since about 2000). The ticket price sucks, but I'll try to make it work. Hopefully there's some other good bands on the ticket.

b) So many factors involved here. First, Canada is geographically huge, so location is a factor (i.e. anywhere in Western Canada is gonna be a plane ride). I have a kid now, so long travel is harder to do, but in my earlier days it wouldn't be a problem. If its my favourite band, I'll go! If its a DJ set, I wouldn't go because I'm not big into festivals, although I know plenty who are.

c) Ecstatic beyond belief. Blow the roof off the place, and I'll forgive your sins 🙂

A) 300 Dollars? I better get "bang for my buck".

B) A "non music kind of event"... Depends on the event. If it's something i'm really interested in, like, say.... a film festival and i like the film selections and there's other cool stuff like Q&A's with cast and crews and cool parties, etc.... then i'd go. That would be a Day 1 kind of event for me. BUT if Juno was the only real point of interest for me and everything else was really lame? I'd feel like i would be wasting money on an event. Wouldnt fork cash for this.

C) Wouldnt feel angry with the band for doing something that gets them paid.. BUT.... the lack of a choice that would allow people to pay just to see the Juno gig... that would make me a bit salty against the event promoters. Honest "non political" answer.

I had my fair share of insane money spending to be able to see a band/go to an event (mostly travel/accommodation/outfit expenses) but i wonder how many people, in case of such a ticket setting, would think "oh well, must be the organisation/they must have a reason" or "what the F, they come here for one show after x years of not playing here and then they demand you to buy a convention ticket??". I mean the standard fan, not the super fan or the one who might understand the amounts of work behind putting up such a show. I'm worried Juno could get negative vibes if we wouldn't manage to secure any other shows in normal venues for normal prices and the only option would be an "overpriced" ticket plus travel costs to Vegas. Am I overthinking?

For all the JR fans I know in my age group(~age 25) $300+travel costs+etc. is going to be prohibitively expensive unless the show is taking place at a giant music festival; I suspect your average JR fan is a little older, so I can't speak for them. I feel like the fans who would be seriously upset by having to go to a convention for the show are the superfans who are unable to afford it; the standard fan probably misses so many shows from bands they like anyway that this is nothing all that unusual for them.

That said: I think it would be cool if Ben would do a DJ tour of the US at some point (if he would enjoy that sort of thing). I understand that the West Coast probably has the greatest concentration of EDM fans in the US, but I have to admit that at times I feel like all of us living further east are just not "hip" enough for some acts when they never make it out even to a city as big as New York. California is like a foreign country to some of us...

For the record, many festivals offer Day Passes that are significantly less expensive. When I travelled to England, that's what I did in order to see The Chemical Brothers (Big Chill Festival 2011....Kanye West was the headliner the next night, and....yeah...glad I didn't pay to see that).

a) My instant reaction is: F Yeah!! If it is my favorite band, any opportunity is a good one.
b) I would probably go (if the location was pretty close to me). Price is no consideration for me (not to say that I am rich or anything ... ).
c) If it is a kick ass show, Let's do it again!

For the record, I did go to the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan to see Juno. Cost a bunch but was the best money that I have spent, the memories of that show will live forever in me. Heck I'm even debating about going to Vegas to see the Juno show this year.

Btw, if it is a non-musical event, are we talking an arts/movie event or video game event? Because if it is a video game event (I know of several big name video game conventions), that's even more incentive for me to go. I love video game cons and would consider going even if it's on the other side of the world.

I am the sun.

(Super late reaction, sorry XD)

a. I'd be super excited.. I could sell a kidney to see X-japan live again. (I guess X-Japan is my favorite band now.. sorry juno reactor)
b. Yeah.. I've done crazier things to see a band live. I probably won't really see the other things on the event though. I'm usually quite busy and if it's not music related, I don't think it would be worth my time.
c. Uhmn.. I guess I'll love them more after the live. 🙂