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Rare/old/interesting finds


Footage, interviews, artwork - anything interesting you might have found somewhere on the web.

1-hour long interview

Oh and this ... doesnt look much like official merch to me though 😛

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I have a podcast of Juno Reactor rarities coming soon, keep your eyes peeled! Just waiting on the green light from Webfoot after he puts the final layer of Mutant polish...:)

I think if you post most the reactorleak dvd content, that would cover a fair few rare items

Have any one heard the Intoxicated sinlge..柴咲コウとjuno_reactor/intoxicated_f1/

How did this come about...

When Scarlet (my Daughter) was 14 she wrote a song with her friend, sounded fun so i recorded it in very demo style. then a few months later i was asked if i had any songs for KO and that came to mind, KO loved it and so we made new recordings and released it in Japan.

Scarlet has written one song, played guitar on the Matrix Reloaded, and now has no intension of doing any more ?

Wow i bet your duaghter was happy to have the one of her songs published? Thats pretty amazing. Did you happen to do some vocals too on this single...sounds like you in the background Ben?

@barbarian @nymbus Who's that l'il lady?

expensive Rabbits 😛

Hmm, no matter how many times you watch something, you can still be surprised. Simpky never notice your daughter was apart of the film clip.

On beyond the infinte (maybe bible of dream)..the albums are under lock and key and i cant get to them right now, i believe Ben, you are holding a baby on the insert sleeve? (someone is holding a baby in o e of the pictures.....i am assuming this is you...). Is this another family inclusion?