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Stuff worth watching


If you've been watching something interesting, you can share here (youtube links and similar, so directly watchable)
If anyone's up for some philosophy/experience sharing about the topics that'd be then a new thread maybe to keep this one a video-only one 😛

You can get the code to neatly place the video in here on the bottom right of youtube videos clicking on "SHARE" and then "EMBED" - that's the one you paste in here.

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Good topic.
I remember the old philosophy section generating
some intense debate between users. XD

(Get ready to throw some punches...)

Daily life from other countries~

This is old, but...the greatest mashup I've ever seen. The amount of time that must've gone into this....jesus h. tapdancing christ...

time travel back to 1968...

This one is great, rather early days of Vice and the dude is so funny X3

My fave Vice documentary. With the same guy.

Great little cartoon!

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

A real cool video of what happened after the tsunami disaster in Japan. The video was made by Chris Broad, who is a British guy living in Japan.

I am the sun.

Shat my goddamned pants.