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Stuff worth watching


Don't know if its "worth watching", but I'd definitely like to see this when it comes out. Love anything by Alex Garland.

Looks alright.

I do wish i could find a good scifi film these days in
which i CANT spot the influences easily.

Annihilation is:
Tarkovsky's Stalker +
Lovecraft's The Colour out of Space (the short story)
with JJ Abram's lens flares.
edit: OH and Pokemon too XD

Now THIS looks weird/funny/beautiful in a way that pleases me:

Garland directed Ex Machina, which was awesome. Felt like a lot of short films I'd seen, done really well. Excited for him to work with Portman.

Influences are gonna be abound everywhere by this point: with so much more access than ever before, someone's always gonna be ripping off someone!

Ex Machina felt very much like a watered down, AI centric version of
Almodovar's The Skin i Live In ? (reclusive male scientist works on a mysterious captive woman as a test subject, plot revolves around the women's attempt's to escape.)

But yeah, "influences" = Stealing, most of the time ?
I'm fine with that.. all depends on how good the final work is. ?

Decent (if a bit cheesy) documentary about a good horror author.
The "talking heads" include oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro, Neil Gaiman etc...

Good LORD.
She killed it. XD

Pretty goddamned funny that certain people got offended by the shots at Huckabee-Sanders.

Almost every single one of these things since Colbert in '06 has been someone annihilating them all, yet somehow this one "crossed the line". Hmmmm....

She spoke truth to power... and she attacked the media and the democrats as well.
No mercy, no bullshit.

Chappelle's right: