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THE DARKNESS SHRINE (the thread of all consuming cringe)


Via reddit -

what the hell.....

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Oh the cringe ...

Sometimes i wish it'd be possible to reply to people purely in memes and videos ...

when the deadline hits you hard ...

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Ha!... people getting hurt 😉

yeah.. People getting hurt isnt really what this thread was all about. XD

I guess that counts as the first truly EDGY post on Nu-Reactorleak.

^_^ Good job @luciana soon you'll be a true EDGEMASTER. XD

Nu-Reactorleak is back, now with 100% extra EDGE.

Speaking of cringe material.. this one is amazing.

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lol thats a bit cringy indeed X3

weeeell, i admit i do watch fail videos every once in a while but this way i'll never be the one thinking ohh lets see what happens if you put a knife into an turned on toaster or lets do that boarding down the stairs in a basket thing.. or jump off the roof and see what happens lol
Always good to learn of other peoples .. natural selection challenges? ... in that sense, here some cringy educational material:

XD Well this is the EDGY thread, i suppose.

Let's not cut ourselves here, though.
We should all be safe as long as we keep it pg-13
(or a soft R-Rating).

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being a 9gagger i guess im way too used to everything lol

Truth be told..

I'm hiding my Edgemaster power level.