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THE DARKNESS SHRINE (the thread of all consuming cringe)


Anyone else finding it REALLY fucken tricky to just have a conversation lately?
I'm not intentionally 'edgy' but I manage to offend people at an absurd rate just by pointing out shit that humanity has known for decades, maybe hundreds of years.

The other day I just casually pointed out that you cant have a welfare state and open borders, its one or the other.... apparently I'm Hitler now.

Depending who you talk to but I've noticed a lot more people are a lot more sensitive about all possible things. Not in my friends' circles - with them, I can talk about pretty much everything and even if they have a different point of view they are open to discussion and exchange of ideas. But from what the internet and general society seem to say being "offended" is the new black recently.
So when talking to people who might get offended fast or are of the rather narrow minded sort, i either try to adjust it a bit and make it understandable for them or plain and simply don't care if they get all upset because if they want an explanation i have it ready with examples and everything, if not, and they are just searching for something to be offended and dramatic about then I just grab some popcorn and let them babble.

But regarding this "having the right of having a choice" this quora author explained it very well in my opinion. The main theme is about the million labels people seem to like to identify themselves with recently, with things like telling others what pronoun they have to use to talk to such person etc and getting all offended if others dont keep everything in mind etc etc - but this part of the statement is more general about being able to choose "if its already such an individualistic society".
And while i am against people publicly attacking others who are "different" or blocking them access to shops, marriage etc, i still think everyone should have the right to have their own personal opinion about all these matters and not be forced to say "yes i accept them all and im fine with them". Especially in some cases where it simply gets a bit too dramatic and attention-whory a la "im in reality a cat so you have to treat me like that and i only date people who identify as unicorn, also my pronouns are they/them/blabla and dont you dare to forget and when you talk to me you have to look to the left side and dance a circle on your right foot"

"You can’t ask me to accept the fact that you are different. I have my own way of thinking, thank you, like you are free to decide what gender you want to have, I am free to be ok with it or not.

If I don’t have the right to chose your gender, you don’t have the right to force me to accept you.

Let me use an example, of course, a hypothetical example.

I have a group of friends, as friends, we know a lot about each other, we share a lot of common interest, and even if we all have our flaws and don’t agree on everything, we understand each other and tolerate our differences.

Let’s say, one day we share some political thoughts, and when it’s my turn, I say that, like some people who think communism is the solution, I think fascism— if done right— could improve things. After all, fascism relies on a class system, like a lot of current democracies currently do.

Then what?

I’ll tell you what, some of my friends, like probably a lot of people reading this, will react in a very expected way. They will be horrified. “What?! How can you say that?! You are a NAZI!!!, etc… etc…”

Long story short, they will strongly disagree, misunderstand and even oppose me, and some will even try to convince me I’m wrong and show me the way to the true light.

But… some others will not give a shit about my opinion, some will be curious as to why I think that way, either they agree or disagree, or are simply curious.

And some will simply share my opinion, probably not in the same way, and will probably want to share our ideas on the matter.

Even some that strongly disagree will be open to discussion and share opinions on the matter, in a very polite, open, and a sometimes educational way for the two parties.

You see where I want to go here?

People will react differently. Because they have their own opinions, they have their own way of thinking. I can’t tell that I’m expecting they will agree with my opinion and way of thinking, I can’t expect them to be supportive.

And now I want to add, there is a thing I certainly don’t expect from them, it’s to try and force other people to accept my opinions and way of thinking.

Because once again, where I live, people are free to have their own opinion and think how they want. But other people are also free to be ok with it or not.

And people must understand that when making some choices, when making some statements, when living a certain a way, people will react differently and there will always be consequences.

That’s how life works."


another massive cringe ...

NO, being obese will never be healthy or good, no matter how individualistic and snowflakey people will get.

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Hah!... yeah, I do the same.... kinda
If the person I'm talking to is being reasonable then I'll moderate my cuntiness a little.
If they're being unreasonable I crank it up to 11... and try to make something pop in their head.

I'm not really bothered by the trans-weird gendered ones but the second anyone/anything tries to dictate to me how I should talk?.. yeah, there's going to be a fight real soon.
I've got a simple answer for it though: "I don't give enough of a crap about you to remember your name, what makes you think I'm going to make the effort to remember your idiotic pronouns"

I don't remember the name of the effect but its a known psychological thing; If you change the way someone talks it will eventually change the way they think in the same way.... and they know it, they're doing it on purpose.

That shit makes me hostile faster than almost anything I encounter in my life... That shit is exactly why I stopped using facebook and am currently doing my best to not use anything google too (twitter can git-ta-fook too).
Google's tricky though... I cant stand apple phones and there's not a lot of other options for a pocket computer.
Also I don't watch TV (TV started pissing me off with its ham fisted attempts to manipulate people decades ago) I do watch a lot of youtube stuff though... which is owned by google (technically alphabet inc, but you know what I mean)

It is fun to watch the world burn though, the levels of naive ignorance coupled with such incredible levels of confidence in their own opinions, are nothing if not hilarious.
I mean, who can watch a teenage gender studies student demanding of a 60 year old clinical psychologist that he/she/whatever it is understands psychology better, without a good chuckle.

Most of my friends are in the feminist/queer community and i feel like i
can talk about pretty much everything with them without fear of offense.
And some common friends have different politics.
Some are anti-immigration etc...
I actually feel more "free" with them as far as the full range of topics that i can
talk about than with most "normie" friends, tbh.

The whole "special pronoun" and all the different needless labels that people are
using to call themselves is very cringe in how "desperate attention seeking" it feels.
None of my friends do this... actually.. not even random people i follow on twitter do this... so i wonder how common it is.. (Probably not that common)

But here's the thing.
Most of the people doing these super cringy atention seeking posts on tumblr and twitter are young antisocial kids going through issues like bullying
and sometimes a lot worse like suicidal thoughts, etc.
They are also part of a social movement (LGBTQ) that still feels very "young"
and is still finding its voice in society.
It was a sub-culture for a long time that is now being "normalized" and that "normalization" is just as much a new thing for them
as it is to us "straight" people.
Of COURSE things are gonna be weird and cringe among awkward teens.

But honestly.. who gives a shit, really, about what people call themselves?
The way some of us straight people worry and obsess about these "gender issues"...
You'd think all of these queer kids are getting ready to slaughter entire schools
because someone used the wrong pronoun. Shit aint gonna happen, b.
Statistically, you have to be straight, male and american for that.

Cruel humor is best used against the powerful to criticize and tear down.
Laughing at the (for the most part) truly powerless? Ehhhhh.

I'd rather laff at the mostly unfuckable cuck obsessed dudes getting #REALMADONLINE
about the dumbest shit.

A world without LGBTQ people...
Let's consider that for a second..
who would straight people steal most of their style from?
Kanye? :/
gtfo. :o)

As far as the SJW's getting offended
and going on witch hunts and shaming random people for ridiculous reasons,
that shit IS toxic as fuck and
journalist/screenwriter Jon Ronson has been talking about that for a while.
Well worth getting into his stuff.

But this all comes back to what i was saying with the whole LGBTQ community still being relatively young. The voiceless have a voice now... and they still need to learn how to use it. Hell, even feminism is still kinda young. 100+ years since women have been allowed to vote is nothing, really, with how long humans have been around. There's been cringe stuff, sure. But no denying the good that the movement overall has done.

But this is the wrong thread for discussing all of this shit.
We have a discussion thread!


mfw dancing cybergoths are on the loose.

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ahahaha there is a version on a Christmas song too... they are hilarious (and yes i have friends who dance like that and it looks quite cool if done well/in the right setting 😛 )

The LGBT Community isn't young at all.. its a LOT older than I am and I'm 40.
20+ years ago when I was at uni NOBODY gave a shit what configuration of junk anyone else was into... and I was in the engineering department, almost 100% male and pretty much everyone in an engineering department is a piss taking arsehole... if there was going to be any sexism/phobic bullshit, that's where you'd find it.

Nope, 20 years ago it was a non-issue.... then this new wave of narcissistic, self obsessed dickheads bubbled to the surface and re-built all the drama out of nothing just so they could make themselves feel special.

Also, the whole argument of 'women didn't have the vote' pisses me off..... men didn't have the damn vote either!... the only people who had a vote were 'property owners'... including female property owners!
It went from 'property owners' to 'men of good standing' (a tiny minority of men) all the way to EVERYONE getting the vote in something like 2 decades..... at a time when it took something like 4 or 5 months to get a message from one end of the British empire to the other..... by contemporary standards it was the blink of an eye.

And ya know what else the feminist propagandists never tell you (even though they know damn well that its true).... The primary opposition to giving women equal legal standing to men..... yeah... that was women!... men wanted women to have equal legal standing because before that, their wife would have essentially the same rights and obligations as a child.
If your wife ran up a debt... you go to debters jail.
If your wife had a business (yes, it happened a LOT) and she didn't pay her taxes.... YOU go to prison!
Anything she did... your fault.
And an AWFUL lot of women didn't want that to change... and why would they, they could already do just about anything they wanted, but it was almost completely consequence free!... that sounds awesome!

Its like the gender wage gap thing.... its all a lie!. its just been repeated so often that people no longer question it.
However I guarantee _every_ social justice twat knows all of these things... because they've been bitch slapped with them so many times in the past, but they're cowards, they would rather lie to themselves and the people around them; than perform precursory self examination... because if they did that, they would have to admit to themselves that they are truly awful people.

Highly recommend Jon Ronson's book "So You've Been Publicly Shamed", as its a fascinating read and he will often take himself down a peg or two as well. All Jon Ronson books have that wonderful journalist-tumbling-down-the-rabbit-hole feel to them.

I think the phenomenon you are all referencing has been amplified like crazy by social media preaching-to-the-choir:
When people talk in these ridiculous ways in person, they have the social cues of negative body language or avoidance or laughter or argumentation to point out to them how ridiculous he/she/it/they/them/deer/potato are being. On social media, not only is there a lack of negative response, but an army of like-minded folks who will reinforce the ridiculous idea.

It's why we need male feminists to cull the truly idiotic stuff being spewed out (I am a feminist, and I have face palmed multiple times over the stuff I've read). Its why Black Lives Matter needs members from other minorities (as well as a name change). You need people in your life who don't think like you to catch you on your shit.

Mort keeps me in check from time to time, and I appreciate it 😉

This is one of the "scary" parts of user-oriented platforms like facebook. The strategy that youd get more content on basis of what you like or share is all nice and fine but it has a dangerous side-effect that people tend to lose contact with reality in terms of what is common sense, how many like-minded people are out there etc. There was a big debate about that on german tv as some right-wingers got completely delusional thinking whole german thinks like they just cause the algorithms and their friends' circles on facebook would all be pointing into the same direction according to their interests.
In the end it is more or less like real life - 50 years ago, depending on what type of friends you surrounded yourself with, you could potentially have a very screwed view of what's "normal" and what not. Nowadays we have the internet, and platforms like facebook are our backyards where we let friends hang out. Just that now its maybe much easier to forget that the backyard doesnt represent the whole society. This should be kept in mind at all times.

I noticed an interesting thing - i have 3 Instagram accounts (one personal and two photography). Now for some reason (maybe cause i registered them at different times or different countries), when going to the search tab i get different content (despite liking more or less the same type of things (art and photography). One displays things similar content to what i actually like, the other one is completely random (and i assume "what a girl of my age should be interested in" type of thing) which is also horribly horrifying as it consists mostly of makeup tutorials, butts, pregnancies and weight loss before and afters. Already such things can be used to influence users and display them a fake "reality".
But then again, nowadays it is quite difficult to figure out what the norm is, what is normal and what is common sense. In a world where "viral" "internet is going crazy about that" "everyone is doing it" etc along with "fake news" are a common thing.. what is actually really going on? How fucked up are we? Some people are eating tide pods. Some are voting for Trump. Then there are the people who try to get famous by either doing something shitty or controversial. Cause in a world full of stuff the goal is attention, not actual quality. Cause already attention is too difficult to get, and there are too many bored people who would love to watch a few gladiators being ripped apart in the Circus Maximus if that'd still be a thing. People need entertainment to stay happy and content, to keep on going to work every day and stay calm. How brainwashed are we really? But also, how brainwashed have we been in the past? At least now we have tools to educate ourselves easily as opposed to "before". But do we use it? Are we getting comfortable and lazy? *floats away*

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