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The Juno Albums Shrine

Discuss your favorite Juno Albums in here ?
(There's no dedicated area in the other music sections for old Juno Music... so i figured that this would belong here...)

My current favorite is Shango... Pistolero, Masters of the Universe, Hulelam.... some of my favorite tracks are in that record and the whole album is sequenced perfectly. My favorite used to be Bible of Dreams back when i first signed up in the ´leak... but Shango ended up getting more replays through the years.

I think Shango is a perfect example of why albums and repeated listens are important.

I was 16 when it came out, and all I wanted at that time was fast-paced, hard hitting tunes. I wanted more Bible of Dreams, and I wanted the version of Pistolero that was playable on the early days of the Juno Reactor website (the "Radio Edit", or "Juno Reactor Remix" with the huge vocals).

Needless to say I didn't like it much at all at first; "Pistolero" wasn't the version from the website, "Insects" rubbed me the wrong way, "Badimo" didn't move in the direction I wanted, "Nitrogen (Part 1)" had that long outro that I didn't like, "Nitrogen (Part 2)" frustrated me, and "Song for Ancestors" sounded like an outtake from The Lion King. I loved "Hule Lam", "Masters of the Universe", and "Solaris", and that was about it.

For a few years, that remained the same; I eventually liked "Pistolero" and "Nitrogen (Part 1)" more, but that was about it. Now I love it. I can appreciate the new approaches taken (I remember Ben said in an interview that he hated electronic music at the time of making the album), and I like that it refuses to move in predictable directions. I'd say the only tracks that don't quite sit well with me now is "Nitrogen (Part 2)" and "Song For Ancestors".

All this because of repeated listens and multiple chances.

I like having access to so much more music now, but I consume it WAY TOO QUICKLY. I am ashamed to admit that when I listen to most new music, almost all of it gets 1 shot, and 1 shot only. I don't like that about myself.

Shango, Bible Of Dreams, beyond the infinte... all can be played happily... and i agree, tracks are sequenced perfectly. Lordy, even the newer albums are fantasic. Hard to select anything as top 1...

I thoroughly enjoyed the remix albums too... felt that both inside rector albums really added to the JR collection of music nicely.

.... live show dvd... i think this is a perfect time for another one...

I think we (the Reactorleakers) were down-for-the-count when The Golden Sun of the Great East came out. What did you guys think of it?

Golden Sun is one of my favorites, tbh...

Very "cohesive" after the super diverse listening experience of Gods and Monsters... 🙂

Puts me in a "Blade Runner" type of mood, every time.

My Juno Reactor albums from most to least favourite (not including Luciana/Odyssey):
1) Labyrinth
2) Beyond the Infinite
3) Golden Sun of the Great East
4) Bible of Dreams
5) Shango
6) Gods and Monsters
7) Transmissions

I am the sun.

DT, has it stayed relatively consistent for you over time? Or has that order changed significantly over time?

Can I play too?

1) Labyrinth
2) Bible of Dreams
3) Shango
4) Golden Sun of the Great East
5) Beyond the Infinite
6) Gods and Monsters
7) Transmissions

1) Shango
2) The Golden Sun Of The Great East
3) Bible Of Dreams
4) Beyond The Infinite
5) Transmissions
6) Labyrinth
7) Gods & Monsters

all are closely behind the others. and definitely cant say Gods & Monsters/Labyrinth are bad. not bad at all.
these are just least favorite because i dont like War Dogs and Giant much on Labyrinth and The Perfect Crime and Pretty Girl on Gods & Monsters. for me those songs are least Juno Reactor-like.

True for me too Kyblik, every Juno album has at least 2 tracks that knock me out every time. That's pretty impressive for a band that's been around for over 25 years.

Maybe I should explain myself a bit here.

Transmissions is at the bottom but to be fair, it was Juno's first album. Gods and Monsters is one that I really don't like (as an album). I think there are lots of great songs on G&M but the album as whole doesn't flow like the rest of Juno's albums. Shango was much like G&M, it was a bit all over the place, but now I really enjoy listening to it. Bible of Dreams was the first album that I purchased so it became my standard. GSOGE was a pleasant surprise, maybe I'm over elevating it a bit because it came after G&M? Beyond the Infinite has a bunch of songs that I like in it (my favorite song Samurai is in it so...). Labyrinth is absolutely the most favourite album of all time for me. It has this great narrative about it as well as some kick ass songs. An album to me has to have a story to it not just a bunch of songs thrown in together.

I often wonder how some of these albums might song differently if the ordering of the songs were switched or if some songs were replaced by other songs. For example, what if Playing With Fire was in instead of Pretty Girl on G&M? Or if Pretty Girl was still in G&M, maybe having Song to the Siren in G&M too would have made more sense? Or what if Journey was in Labyrinth or Shango somewhere? Or if Badimo came after Hulelam in Shango, would that have been better?

I am the sun.