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The Mutant Theatre - Album


Last mix finished 😛 countdown soon to begin....

oh snap! Good news! 🙂

9 track album...or breaking the tradition?.

9 is the number 😛

Hopefully there's still time to do a trance cover of THIS and stick it on the album as a bonus track/sequel to Alien. :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

..damn, italy was really pumping out some cheese in the 80's....

🙂 Looking forward :3

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Today the album is all finished as in Mastering... just a few tweaks on the album artwork, and post off to Metropolis Records !!!

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Congrats... now get to work on the next one! 😉

We have a general release date.....June!

few delays in Art work has pushed it back as USA needs 3 months to give to their distributors...