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The Mutant Theatre - Album


Well, if what I heard was only an early mix, then I eagerly await the final product. I appreciate the extra spit-shine!

Is this The Sky is Blue The Sky is Black (as well as Alien)?

It's interesting that Ben called this track Mutant Machina in the comment section.

I am the sun.

not too long now...


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I cannot express how lovely the titles and the material sound.
I just cannot wait until next Friday when I can put on my headphones, push play and listen to the nine tracks without pause!
I will have my notebook, voice recorder ready to jot down my initial feels.
Thank you once again Ben Watkins/Juno Reactor, AND especially the freaking awesome, Mutant Theatre for inspiring ALL of this.
Cannot wait to see you all in Vegas.
"SHOWTIME" certainly seems to be my new favorite so far. Then ALIEN, RETURN OF THE PISTOLERO, and TANHAUSSER GATE. then DAKOTA!

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

I'm 12 minutes in. It's exactly the kind of crazy I was hoping for - the soundtrack I need for the end of the world. And JR at its peak.

Loving the new album @Barbarian. 1 full playthrough and every track is gold. I think voyager 304 will be least played track most likly becuase i flogged voyager 303 but as a album... Beautiful. As always well worth the wait. Havent heard of lets turn until now... nor return of the pistolero... So happy i waited.

Props to Ben for sending out the .wav files of the album to those that havent received the signed cd's!

Much appreciated.

Album is very very very good. 🙂

I plain just fucking love this album.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Good news, the album is on the 1st place in the trance best sellers on amazon and Shango has just joined on 2nd place! The Mutant Theatre is also in the top 50 best selling Dance & Electronic list 🙂


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It's great to see The Mutant Theatre is doing well in the charts! I'm also glad that I have also made a small contribution to this, at least with a few copies. ?

And here comes my question, it may be a bit oFF, but I will ask:

Back in june I ordered 2 signed copies of The Mutant Theatre from the official site.
A couple of weeks later I got a mail- it was only one yellow package, with only one TMT inside.
I thought that maybe they are individually packaged, and perhaps separately dispatched.
But it's been more than two months already, and no second copy has arrived to date.
So is it possible to track this order, and if so- who (and how) do I have to get in touch with? ?