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The RAGE thread


I don't know if I'm the only one but I seriously wonder what type of common sense jam some people spread on their morning bread! If you're constantly making mistakes and not even feeling bad about it, however causing immense problems to others through your behavior; taking over paid tasks and then not doing them; tricking people in financial matters; not having your shit together and thus causing even more trouble to everyone else AND STILL not feeling even slightly bad about it or trying to be more proper and finally do even the bare minimum of your job description. O! M! G! Is this really becoming the norm?? Is it really that bad already that people simply take it as socially acceptable to not keep their word, not follow contracts, not reply on urgent business emails on purpose and plain and simple LIE someone in the face repeatedly?! Humanity is really fucking lost ...

Aka the "Tell us how you Really Feel Thread".

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> Buys new PC. 🙂
> Sets everything up perfectly in the new pc. 🙂
> It keeps giving me Blue Screens of Death at random events with different problems.
> Everytime i turn it on it gives me a BSOD, restarts.. and then i have to turn it on again... 2nd time it always works normally.
> Nothing wrong with software apparently, gonna have to return a brand new pc to the shop due to hardware malfunction. >_<

Is this the place where I can complain about the post office stealing the content of my packages twice so far? And how the post office doesn't take responsibility?

Or when I got a parking ticket even though I already paid 200€ to be able to park in this street?

I think I have some more stuff I can rant about.....

To be fair.. I'm sure I did make some mistakes at my job..
But there is a difference between knowingly making a bad decision and actually care, but screw up.

Anything on your mind that you would like to rant about, Luciana?

And to blacklabel: I hope your pc problem is fixed now.

Ha! Yeah, i had some problems with our post here too - lost stuff etc. That's why im now almost too paranoid to use it at all, if not super insured. I under to live in a different country where most public services were pure perfection, you'd get amazon deliveries on the same day and general convenience of living was in a completely different dimension than here.
Makes you realize the massive gap between different "developed countries" living standards and chances and options you have in life. The general potential of succeeding in life. Makes you realize how "unfair" the world is - the type of "unfair" that cant be changed just by society's thinking" but the simple advantage to be born in a different place with better options.

As for specific problems with a certain company or public service -I've found contacting them either over messages or tagging them in facebook posts actually works pretty well. Nowadays a good image is extremely important, so once you throw an issue in front of a public audience everyone will go the extra mile to solve it asap.

That's the same reason why, in a project for example, its good to CC a third person who might have a passive role in it. That way whatever is being agreed upon is somewhat "public" now so all involved know that the rest is watching so no bullshitting or laziness allowed. One on one mails are merely a good evidence source later when you're in a full-blown argument about who messed up whatever it was. People tend to be full of shit and bragging because in today's society its more important to appear successful than to keep one's word. (extreme example: Trump)

A lovely example however of efficiency if facebook service is Paypal.
In Slovenia, where i live right now, it wasnt possible to withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account. At all. You'd go to the bank and as soon as they'd hear "Paypal" they'd freak out a la this has nothing to do with us, we cant do anything about it etc.
Having a PP account where you can only send money with, but not receive limits its functionality a lot and it was a massive annoyance ever since paypal came out. There were blogs written about it, people ranted etc etc.
Last december i went onto Facebook and simply wrote a message explaining the situation on private with the paypal facebook page. And got a reply~

Thanks! ? As far as your question (and no worries about being complicated, that's what we're here for after all!), there can be various reasons that we're unable to provide all of the same services worldwide. Sometimes it's due to government regulations, sometimes it could be due to the financial infrastructures in place in some countries. But we do periodically review the services we provide, and are always looking for opportunities to expand.

After some back and forth we came to the conclusion its not possible to do it in Slovenia yet, so i said thanks and just sort of accepted the fact that for example i wont be able to sell things on ebay - or it'll be a pain with bank transactions.

And the none fine day, i think i might have been mid-January, I went onto the paypal page to check for some payment and boom, there was a new button for add bank account (where you'd formerly only be able to add a US account). I didnt quite believe it at first, yet went to connect the accounts and did a 20euro withdrawal as a test. And 2 days later there were the 20 euro, on my bank account, without any extra deductions or fees!

Now of course, it could have been pure coincidence. But then again, JUST now? :3

Airlines are also quite responsive if you come at the over facebook. If you have a complain, waiting for a refund or anything like that and the web forum + mail just makes you wait for too long, a simple message on facebook seems to do the trick of suddenly resolving whatever it was within minutes/hours.

Its a shame generally that big companies are able to provide bad service or do false advertising (Sony Xperia where such a case where they were advertising their phone as waterproof but in reality it wasnt, and they kept on deleting all the angry owners with destroyed phones posts on their official forum, some people in england even brought them to court and won!). Nowadays is almost some sort of social acceptance, its easier being bad than good and honest. Its a bad direction the world is going to ...

On the Psy Business scene I generally meet people where their name begins with a C and ends in a T, I don't know if it was always like this, or maybe my age referencing a different time, when the sharks had plenty of food, and so produced a healthy ability to communicate in a almost human manner... better keep searching or i might become cynical 😛

Nothing wrong with being cynical.... come over to the dark side... we have cake!

> Loses 2 songs via a dead hard drive (while i was in the process of saving said songs to an external drive).
> "freaks out"....
> Spends all free time from last few days rebuilding them from scratch.
> They might sound better, now?
> Can't stop won't stop. ?

Mark Meechan, 30, recorded his girlfriend's dog, Buddha, responding to statements such as 'gas the Jews' and 'Sieg Heil'

It was a very dumb joke....
but it was just a joke. How the fuck was this court case a thing?
the UK is dumb.

I think this is a bit like the logan paul thing.. there are just things one shouldnt do. Galliano got his career fucked up over a few nazi statements - one just shouldnt make too loud fun of such thing i guess