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The RAGE thread


Galliano's case is very different.

Galliano made a verbal attack on people (coupled with statements about how Hitler was "right" and "if he was here he would have you all dead in the gas chambers".)
There were actual "victims" in his case.

Dankula taught a dog to respond to stupid offensive statements.
And the dude attacked no one.. eh. :/ It's a victimless "offense".

I agree the degree is different. Is it known what he has to expect? I assume it wont have the cinsequences it had fir galliano (but i dont know ofcos)
"If it's punished as a hate crime, under the Communications Act, he could be sentenced with up to six months in prison and be required to pay a fine."

now putting some real ANGER in the RAGE thread.

@luciana i have a feeling you're gonna have a lot of empathy for this man's lonely fight against a very unprofessional environment. XD


Movie trailers.

95% are complete and utter garbage, all playing around with the same couple of beats. They don't let the movies speak for themselves, and at this point, most seem to be trying to outdo the movie itself. Sometimes they even ruin a half-decent movie lying underneath.

I think the worst trend I've seen so far is to try to shoehorn in an "older" but fairly well known song into it; fucking Guardians of the Galaxy did it and now EVERYONE wants to do it. Blargh.

Mark.. that trailer is 100% AMERICAN (with lots of chinese actors.. and 1 british lead)

Bah Gawd almighty.. THAT SHARK ROARED!1 ?

Dont be a hater and embrace your dumbass summer blockbustahs. ^_^


The level of negligence and abuse thats going on in the music industry is crazy. Its time to get away from those people. Cause it's a fucking catastrophe. Wish i could blare that on loudspeakers cause i bet the majority of other artists would have some "nice" stories to tell too.
Same like the fashion industry and the metoo movement, the music industry needs a revolution too ...

What really grinds my gears?

-Family and friends who:
do not put a new roll of toilet paper on the dispenser, just sets a new roll on the bathroom counter to use...!
starts using your toiletries/hygiene products because they use gargantuan amounts of theirs rather than pea sizes
throw each piece of clothing into the hamper after one use (underwear you can at least use twice before putting it in the hamper, socks up to three times, pants and shirts at least a good seven times or if major stains get on them)
do not put things away where they found them, then ask me to help them look for their missing items, then get mad at ME for not helping them, when I always them to find a spot to put it in so you can avoid this in the future
borrow my things and never return them, return it broken, or scratched and proceed to get mad at me for asking them why its in such a manner, and get even more angry when I do not let them borrow from me next time

This list can go on, and do not get me started on the dishes and the kitchen in general. Just common courtesy/sense is all. I have lost so many pairs of socks, colognes, underwear, clothing in general, 2 tablets, a dozen pair of phone chargers and earphones that I do not lend out to people as much anymore unless, in my mind I have decided to let go of a certain item, then I just tell them they can have it.

I see so many family and friends just go through obscene amounts of junk and still they want what you have. ridiculous. lol.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Not really rage, but whats up with weather talk nowadays?

I overeard two ladies talking about how bipolar the weather is, and I'm wondering why i have been hearing that these past few years? People refrencing weather with a disorder? Whats the deal? Im convinced it has to be the government installing ideas like this in our minds.

Because did people in the 50s-70s or even 80s regard weather as bipolar?

I see why they say that, one day or one week its hot, then the next its cold. But since when did we start regarding weather with human disorders?

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!