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The Shrine of Literature (...except twilight.)

Post here about the books that you love, that you are reading, plan to read, etc. ?
Novels, Short stories, graphic novels, mangas, cartoons, "capeshit", etc...
From the artsy to the trashy..

Anything goes. ?

Except Twilight. 😀
(If anyone ever feels particularly sad about that, just create your own thread.)

Currently reading:
Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park (trashy fun, surprised at how violent and different it is from Spielberg's film).
José Saramago's The Gospel according to Jesus Christ (artsy. the bible retold from an atheist point of view.)

Want to read (already bought):
William Gibson's Neuromancer

I'm mostly a fan of horror/fantasy/scifi. Big fan of manga writer/artist Junji Ito and here's a link to one of my favorite little absurd stories of his ?

The Enigma of Amigara Fault - Junji Ito (long but good)

(IMGUR Works really well! WOO!!)


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I really recommend reading this book "Clockwork Angels". It is written by Kevin J. Anderson (who wrote some of the Dune series, and the Saga of Shadows series) and by Neil Peart (who is/was the drummer for the band Rush). Although I am not a huge fan of Rush (I haven't heard the Clockwork Angels album), I still really enjoyed reading this book.

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I am the sun.

Trying to do Gulag archipelago at the moment... but its sooooo long I can't make time to even get started.
I think I need to break a leg or something so I've got a nice hospital stay I can use

My favorite Manga series:

It's one of the longest running serialized manga's, focused on
fantasy, action, horror (with a lot of comedy and even some hentai imagery thrown in).
Began in 1989 and it's still going strong with good writing.

The main theme throughout is trauma and how people can escape it via companionship
and the way it has treated that theme is what has truly made it special for me. (It's never didactic or sappy about any of it).

It's also one of the main inspirations for the Dark Souls and Bloodborne video games, btw. ?

There's a LOT of it to read and delve into.. but it's well worth it, imo. ?

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My avatar is the character "Puck" from the manga.
He's the "much needed" comedy relief.

and he's kind of my spirit animal. ^_^

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Lots of stories online:

A couple of favorites -

The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood.

The Colour out of Space

So.. i know a few people that write books ?

Here's a book by a buddy of mine. Edited this year: ?,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Liber Exuvia is a series of playful short narratives across different spaces and times
of our shared human history where horror, magical realism and erotica all blend casually as if there had never been any barriers between genres at all. Each short piece feels like a surreal journey into unrestrained creative ID, full of strong imagery and emotion in every page and after finishing it, one might feel as having just woken up from the most pleasant and memorable of nightmares. The type of dream that you cant wait to share with your best friend.
It's not a book that invites easy description, though, and i can only recommend it to the most adventurous adult reader. Elytron writes like the demonic lovechild of Italo Calvino and Alejandro Jodorowsky... and if you love and recognize those two artists then step right up.
This is one hell of a first release for a writer and i confess that i am just a tiny bit jealous of the talent on display here. And that's the highest praise that i can offer.

This is one to remember and treasure.

I am on a real big James Bond kick right now with Ian Fleming. Difference from films and books would be that the books have less action than what is shown on screen (more realistic), and Bond smokes a lot of cigs...
My Favorite chapter within Live and Let Die: Nigger Heaven

@DT Clockwork Angels looks interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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