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The Simon Watkins Art Shrine


Thread devoted to Simon's super cool and super weird collages that have decorated Juno Reactor records over the years... ?
Looks like there's even more cool album art on the way with the new record! 😉

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The forum should get a cover picture too 😀 (if its possible settings-wise)

Wouldn't be one without it 🙂 few exceptions like the Koji one i liked 🙂

Woukd simon ever do an interview about his inspiration and creative process on making this art work? (Maybe he has i havent heard it before?)

I think he would, i should get him on here...

The Mutant Theatre - just cut from the PDF working sheet....

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How do you work with Simon to come up with these (awesome) covers? Do you just give him the album and give him carte blanche? Do you give him themes to work with?

Well simon has done tons of idea's for this cover dating back a few years already, when i started the Mutant Theatre, so it as a very broad spectrum, sometimes his pictures help inspire the music, i send him music but i don't think he listens so much, and prefers his blues, PJ Harvey... ? occasionally he'll go "oh i like that one.."

Fuck yah, Simon was my initial inspiration for picking up a JR album. Course Ben got me hooked...and the rest...
PS - wtf is this reactorleak.6.2? 😀

I still like the flyers you did for the Gods and Monsters Tour - very Cool Un