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The Nerd Cave (aka the Vidya Gaimu Shrine)


(Now with a decent pc and with a more relaxed schedule work-wise...)

Enjoying the hell out of Alien Isolation at the moment,
playing hide and seek with the best film monster ever created is a lot of fun. ?

the facial animation for the humans... is really shit. That's the only flaw i can pinpoint.

But the animators spent a ton of time on the creature itself...
Looks gorgeous. 🙂

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I love a game that tries something different, and that game gets points for it. Some parts were really frustrating (i.e. any of the stuff involving the droids), and your weaponry gets ridiculous by the end, but a very unique experience.

Played it on my 70 inch surround sound TV in my basement....went through a lot of pairs of boxers.

Now more than ever though, I applaud any video game attempting to do something different.

I've found all the droid parts really fun, tbh.
And all the Alien sequences really tense.

Wish i had more time to play it, tho. 😛 Lots of things to do...

Did anyone else have as much fun with the Doom remake as I did? Seriously fun, love the arcade-y style, lots of "holy shit" moments.

It's amazing. ?
..and might be the best DOOM game ever made. ?
(and i played them all..
even Doom 64 and Final Doom on ps1).

For me, the sign of a good game is when you finish it and immediately want to start again; definitely happened with that one. I completed it on "Nightmare", and it actually gets more fun to watch at that level, as it becomes so much more like a choreographed dance.

Loved that vertical level, and the open concept levels at the beginning. And those finishers....

@mark 🙂

This documentary is a must watch:

Wow, thank god Doom 4 wasn't released. Releasing a military shooter during the height of CoD's dominance would've been suicide.

Looks like they learned their lesson from Rage!

Doom 4 looked... very boring.
And "taking Doom seriously"? Erhm...

Thank god for the reboot.

I cannot say I played any of the above, but what stuck out to me is when you mentioned what a good game does to you after finishing it. Those games for me would be:

LoZ: Windwaker
RE: 4

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!