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This is a gripe, but....

I've always had issue with RPG games and RPG shooters, or at least, games where its completely about number crunching. A friend recommended Diablo II to me way back when, and although I was interested, eventually it just kind of reached a point where I'd stop and go "I'm just grinding for the sake of grinding here".

Other games are even more guilty of this, like Dead Island, where the zombies basically level up with you, so its even MORE pointless to level up.

I don't mind RPG-like elements, but when a game becomes completely about number crunching and loot, I lose all sense of immersion or interest. Give me atmosphere, story, and above all FUN, and I'm hooked.

I would have to agree with you about certain RPG's. And I have started to notice when that sort of thing happens. I will literally just be like, "I'm done."

What about like Mario RPG? Love that game. lol.

What are your thoughts on RTS like Command & Conquer?
I loved Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. I usually played that to the first three Juno Reactor Albums, turning off the in-game music.
Tiberium Sun was also great to play while the first two Juno albums played on in the background.
Do not get me started on Extreme G Racing and playing ANY Juno Reactor track, while muting the in-game music!! Oh my god, you need to try that. It is amazing.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Juno Reactor has replaced the soundtrack to MANY of the video games I've played, you're right, its very effective! I usually play "Luciana" on Hallowe'en, and it freaks people right the hell out.

I used to play Company of Heroes a lot, although I haven't touched a video game in several months, its been pretty busy! I'm looking forward to playing a few this summer, I usually look for the big names in the "Used" bin and can save quite a few bucks! (I never have time around Xmas when they all come out).

Very effective indeed!!
Oh my goodness, I find it totally cool you play Luciana on Hallowe'en!! I have only ever thought of that idea; mine being to play that track in one of those Haunted House Mazes!

Which gaming consoles do you play on? I used to play a PS3, but gave up playing games since Kids and Wife happened. Lol.

Company of Heroes sounds fun.

Could You Be, the Most Beautiful...I've Seen? Let's Turn On!

Company of Heroes is great if you're a history buff, I love how (mostly) realistic the combat gets, and how wild the combat can get too. The resource system is ingenious too, if you sit back and play defense you'll be dead in less than 20 mins. You can get the original for under $15 on Steam I think! CoH 2 is fun too, the Soviets require you to think of your troops as....disposable 🙂

I had an Xbox 360, but made the jump over to a PS4. Problem is, just bought a house not long ago, and the internet drop is on the upper floor, believe it or not. So my PS4 is 2 levels down from that (to keep away from the kids), so Wi-Fi is non-existent. Will have to look into a fix for that, hehe. I have to bring the damn thing upstairs for large updates.

Plus, I don't really play online. At my job I work very closely with the general public (high school teacher), so its filled with conflict/arguments/confrontations/violence etc. Video games are my release from that, so experiencing the same shit is quite problematic for me. So its single player all the way...I actively avoid games that make me angry too, for the same reason.

I'm sure you can attest - playing online just doesn't work when you have kids. Having an "unpausable" game is just asking for trouble, hehe!