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The Wonderful World of Amir Haddad (Guitar & Oud)


Checkout Amir Haddad's amazing playing... very lucky to have him on the Juno ship

Doesn't look at the guitar 85% of the time whilst playing unbelievably difficult music....god DAMN.

Guy is shredding like hell and looks like he's thinking about what he's gonna have for dinner tonight.

Will we hear him on Mutant Theatre, maybe?

Yes for sure... and not as many as I would have liked, two tracks, Return of the Pistolero & Alien, I have others in my stash for later as "Mutant Theatre" is more electronic, so few guitars, but when i hear him play i wish i had recorded more.

Wow.... he is amazing, playing the guitar seems like a second nature to him... I don't really like the backing track, though.

Return of the...what did he say!? Fuck I been gone far too long.

I stumbled on this today:

I like it more than Bulerias actually. It instantly calms me down and makes me miss my classical guitar. (I never owned my own, I used to use my brother's :()

Do you have a soundcloud, Nina?

You did say you liked to write some tunes? 🙂

I actually don't have a soundcloud.. I honestly don't even know what it is.. I'm not very up to date when it comes to apps.

I'm uhmn.. trying to write my own songs.. but I'm taking guitar classes and I realized that nearly all of my spare time is going to that now.. I don't have much time left to be creative..

How about you? Do you write/play something? (I'm sorry if you have mentioned it before...... I tend to forget things..)

^_^ !
Soundcloud is a website where people can upload their music for others to listen, comment on or download.

This is mine. I like to do loud instrumental hip hop (and the occasional mini mixtape or 2)

It's easy to create a page. ? Feel free to share your stuff. We'll listen ^_^

Good luck with your lessons 🙂

Thanks for sharing, I'll definately check out your page!

I have an exam next week... oh how I hate those.. I can't sleep anymore from stress.. ironically I don't feel stress when performing, but when it's an exam... oh god...