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The Wonderful World of Amir Haddad (Guitar & Oud)


haha University? ^_^ Dont despair too much about exams... Life after university will soon give you tons of horrible things that will drive your soul into deeper abyssal depths of utter depression.

Good luck! 😀

Ooohh damn.. I forgot to be specific.. I meant a guitar exam..
Luckily I already have a steady job, so I don't need to worry about university exams..

I don't really understand why I am so stressed though, my exam stress seems to get worse as I age. Even though I've experienced much more stressful things in life.. strange.

And uhmn.. Do you think that life after university is that bad? Anything on your mind now?

Without getting into personal details...

Your mileage may vary as to life post college. 🙂