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US Tour Dates?


Is Las Vegas the only US city Juno Reactor plans to stop in on the 2018 tour? I will have to book a flight from Chicago soon if it is 🙂

Let's hope there's more, especially northwards! 🙂

Send your prayers and positive vibes to juno @luciana

Maybe she'll get some northern gigs. 🙂

If anyone knows a good venue 1000-1500 people/standing with big stage (as in not so small a jazz band barely fits on) do post here cause im on the hunt for venues that might be suitable and willing to take us (for maybe another week cause after we need to sort the international tickets). Little insider talk here but the Vegas guys have taken care of the visas and international flights which takes the biggest chunk of a usual budget so we can say we are available for a massively discounted price for other US venues/festivals 😛

So any festivals or event venues wherever you think you want to see us, post here and I'll message them immediately and hopefully maybe get a reply. What also helps is messaging the venue requesting us as in "ive seen they're coming to america, i want them to come play here too" which shows the venue/festival bookers that there is a demand and they have a chance to cover their expenses in ticket sales. So yeah .. thats how it works. 🙂

@un @mark @transistorbass Maybe you guys should try and contact venues close to you that have already hosted Juno gigs. Narrows things down a bit and if a place already has familiarity with a band then that'll give you a better chance of success.

Toronto, ON, Canada (places I'm familiar with, or friends recommend):

The Mod Club
I have seen 2 bands there, sound was good, venue is in a decent spot.

The Phoenix Concert Theatre

Venue Info

Saw 1 band here, also a good place, don't know if stage is big enough?

Lee's Palace

The Opera House



(much more of a club, dance music friendly)

Danforth Music Hall

Upcoming Events

Click on "Technical Info"

That's about all I know, there might be better club-like venues, but those are the more popular ones that may be able to handle the extra stage room.

Cool, thanks Mark!
The Opera House and the Rebel seems big enough stage-wise, Mod club, Phoenix Theatre and Lee's Place are just a bit too small.. gotta see if thats still gonna work as there is the danger of the performers killing each other while dancing as we are so many ^^*

But I'm totally gonna contact The Opera House and The Rebel right now! 🙂

This are the minimum stage dimensions I pulled from our contract but ill also talk to ben regarding venues that fall just a bit under that limit as "slight variations" should be ok.

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Ok, I will keep digging and see if there's something better. Sorry if I'm bringing up a touchy subject, but is there a max for capacity?

hihi not a touchy subject at all 😛
I'd say somewhere 2500-3000 would be quite a lot for a stand-alone concert venue show - as in not a festival or all night event. I'd say, but cant be sure - i mean juno has been performing in quite big places before... and i dont have too much experience in that business yet so i guess somewhere up to 3000 capacity, they might still consider us?

Ok thanks, I will try to work in those dimensions. Its looking like for a lot of venues, if the stage gets bigger, the capacity gets much bigger, but I will dig!